• Is LTC4413-1/LTC4413-2 Can detect the Input Power Source automatically


    I am using this LTC4413-1/LTC4413-3 for the multiple input and single output application to get single power output from multiple one. Now i want to detect that how many power sources are connected to the IC, to select one from them.  

    I want to know…

  • LTC4413 overcurrent protection


    Pleaes let me know your advice  about over current value which LTC4413 detects.

    Datasheet says that maximum forward current is 2.6A but current limit of specification table is 1.8A.

    Which value does LTC4413 detect ?

    LTSPICE is operated at 2.6A…

  • RE: LTC4411 - Schottky diode selection for automatic power switch over

    Hi,  The Schottky diode needs to have a reverse breakdown greater than 3.3V (plus margin) and should be rated for your load current. Note that a 0.3V or 0.5V Schottky diode drop can eat up a significant portion of your 3.3V supply (10% to 15%). It may…

  • Automatic Switchover from a Battery to a Wall Adapter with a Battery Charger

    Hi Sir/Mdm,

    I am looking for a solution from ADI that can automatically switchover from a battery to a wall adapter with a battery charger.

    Actually I found a LTC4413 with LTC4059A solution that is exacally fit my topology requirement, refer to https:/…