• RE: OV and UV protection for 18650 single cell Li-ion battery

    I'm planning to use LTC4412 as a High Side Power Switch between LTC4365-1 and the switching regulator. It'll be better if we have discussion on that in a separate thread.



    please check  the available documentation on the boards and the appropriate datasheets.


    LT8672 is realizing a ideal diode function, specialized…

  • RE: ltc4359 Increasing Vout transistor stop work

    Thank you for your reply Aaron,

    I will see the option that you suggested to me, for my application the LTC4359 does not seem to work as well, I have a confirmation for a few minutes and then Vbat feeds the system.

    LTC4412 will not work for my system,…

  • RE: LTC4421: Extending the Input Voltage Range


    The LTC4421 is specified, on the datasheet, to function over the range 3 - 36V.

    The Absolute Maximum Ratings define the voltage levels at which the part will be damaged. The functionality between the maximum operating voltage and the Absolute Maximum…

  • LTC2952 vs LTC2953

    Dear all,

    I would like to replace LTC2953 and LTC4412 by LTC2952, however I am not sure if the interrupt function in LTC2952 works the same as the LTC2953, meaning that I could send interrupt to the microcontroller each time I press the push button provided…

  • RE: LTC4162 in parallel

    Hi Zack,

    That sounds great, I was thinking of using an LTC4412 on the output of each leg to join them together. I'm hoping to add an MCU down the road to monitor each battery pack and that could also control the load sharing on the power supply. For now…

  • RE: LTC4234 reverse current protection

    Inside LTC4233/34, there is one MOSFET. This MOSFET will do forward current limiting. This will not block the reverse current as body diode of the MOSFET will conduct current in reverse direction. You will have to use an ideal diode part (LTC4410,LTC4412…

  • RE: LTC2943IDD#PBF Reverse production Available ?


    you may use a PMOS for a very basic reverse battery protection, as shown in the attached image. Depending on which PMOS you use, you may need to add a bias circuit with a zener diode and resistor to the MOSFETs gate to limit the gate-source voltage…

  • RE: Issue with dual ADM1278 connection.

    Hi Tuan,

        You have correctly observed that when you reverse the drain-to-source bias on FET Q2 the body diode forward biases and conducts current "backwards" from output to input. This is normal behavior. The best way to avoid it is to place two FETs…

  • LTC3225

    hii ' i am planning on using the LTC3225  and i have a question 

    on the typical application there is circuit that uses the LTC3225 with an  LTC4412

    and if i understand right the circuit : as long there is 5v on VIN then Q1 is disconnected and Q2 is connected…