• LTC4412 variation of datasheet example


    I’m relatively new to electronics and am prototyping with the LTC4412 for use as an uninterrupted power supply. I would like to check if my variation of Figure 4 from the datasheet is appropriate, or if there’s a better way to go about things…

  • LTC3225, LTC4412, Supercapacitors Can Replace a Backup Battery for Power Ride-Through Applications − Design Note 450


    I tried the circuit with LTC3225 and LTC4412 from the Application ("Supercapacitors Can Replace a Backup Battery for Power Ride-Through Applications − Design Note 450").

    My Goal is to have 4.5V or more for approx. 1s, the current I need…

  • LTC4412 switching to different input

    I am prototyping the LTC4412 and I have a question on how to improve my design.

    My circuit is like Figure 2 of the datasheet.


    (Sense pin is connected to Out).

    The design works and switches to higher input but only if the difference in input voltages…

  • LTC4412 for 3.3V 4A - MOSFET Selection Review


    Our design uses LTC4212 for 3.3V ORing.

    Current Rating: 4A (max)

    Following MOSFET has been chosen for the design: Si6423ADQ / Vishay

    Pl let us know if this MOSFET is good enough for the application?

    Best Regards,


  • Use LTC4412 in My DC UPS

    My DC UPS prototype


    I need help building a DC UPS. Did I understand correctly the idea of using LTC 4412 to control fully isolated MOSFET switchs? I am suggesting to use an external switching power supply (Wall Adapter) and a backup 12V gel or LiFePo4 battery. For periodic…

  • LTC4412 Voltage Drop after diode


    i'm building a UPS around LTC4412 to switch between wall adapter and battery. I have the following problem:

    When i connect a load, almost the whole voltage drops across the diode, so the load never turns on.

    Did i connect mosfet wrong?


  • LTC4412 with simultaneously loading a power source accu


    is it possible to connect a diode and a resistor from WALL ADAPTER INPUT to BATTERY CELLS in order to keep an MiMH accumulator (3 Cells, placed instead the BATTERY CELLS) continuously loading/refreshing?


    WALL ADAPTER INPUT -> Diode Anode…

  • LTC4412


    Does the LTC4412 part protect against reverse voltage in connecting the wall adapter and battery.


  • ltc4412

    I have a load working on SMPS with 24V,30A.i want to switch the load on 24v Battery after smps power cut.Can i use LTC4412 for this application? is micro controller require to control switching from smps to battery?  

  • LTC4412 as a High Side Power Switch for Single-cell Li-ion battery

    I'm planning to use LTC4412 as a user controllable MOSFET switch. I'll post a image of my schematic for better clarity.

    The range of Vin will be from 2.85-4.35V and I've used an SPDT slide switch with a minimum contact current of 1uA. It will…