• LTC3225, LTC4412, Supercapacitors Can Replace a Backup Battery for Power Ride-Through Applications − Design Note 450


    I tried the circuit with LTC3225 and LTC4412 from the Application ("Supercapacitors Can Replace a Backup Battery for Power Ride-Through Applications − Design Note 450").

    My Goal is to have 4.5V or more for approx. 1s, the current I need…

  • LTC4412 for 3.3V 4A - MOSFET Selection Review


    Our design uses LTC4212 for 3.3V ORing.

    Current Rating: 4A (max)

    Following MOSFET has been chosen for the design: Si6423ADQ / Vishay

    Pl let us know if this MOSFET is good enough for the application?

    Best Regards,


  • LTC4412 switching to different input

    I am prototyping the LTC4412 and I have a question on how to improve my design.

    My circuit is like Figure 2 of the datasheet.


    (Sense pin is connected to Out).

    The design works and switches to higher input but only if the difference in input voltages…

  • Use LTC4412 in My DC UPS

    My DC UPS prototype


    I need help building a DC UPS. Did I understand correctly the idea of using LTC 4412 to control fully isolated MOSFET switchs? I am suggesting to use an external switching power supply (Wall Adapter) and a backup 12V gel or LiFePo4 battery. For periodic…

  • LTC4412 Voltage Drop after diode


    i'm building a UPS around LTC4412 to switch between wall adapter and battery. I have the following problem:

    When i connect a load, almost the whole voltage drops across the diode, so the load never turns on.

    Did i connect mosfet wrong?


  • LTC4412 with simultaneously loading a power source accu


    is it possible to connect a diode and a resistor from WALL ADAPTER INPUT to BATTERY CELLS in order to keep an MiMH accumulator (3 Cells, placed instead the BATTERY CELLS) continuously loading/refreshing?


    WALL ADAPTER INPUT -> Diode Anode…

  • LTC4412


    Does the LTC4412 part protect against reverse voltage in connecting the wall adapter and battery.


  • ltc4412

    I have a load working on SMPS with 24V,30A.i want to switch the load on 24v Battery after smps power cut.Can i use LTC4412 for this application? is micro controller require to control switching from smps to battery?  

  • LTC4412 as a High Side Power Switch for Single-cell Li-ion battery

    I'm planning to use LTC4412 as a user controllable MOSFET switch. I'll post a image of my schematic for better clarity.

    The range of Vin will be from 2.85-4.35V and I've used an SPDT slide switch with a minimum contact current of 1uA. It will…

  • LTC4412 - Query on dual DC power switch

    Hai Team,

    First of all thank you reading my query. We require a power path controller for switching between two 24V DC sources. One 24V DC will come from external 24V wall adapter and another will come from inbuilt 120VAC to 24V DC converter.

    Our requirement…