• LTC4412


    Does the LTC4412 part protect against reverse voltage in connecting the wall adapter and battery.


  • ltc4412

    I have a load working on SMPS with 24V,30A.i want to switch the load on 24v Battery after smps power cut.Can i use LTC4412 for this application? is micro controller require to control switching from smps to battery?  

  • LTC4412 Thermal Details


     We need thermal details of LTC4412ES6#TRPBF IC I have listed the needed details below.

    1. RθJC

    2. RθJB

    3. Minimum and maximum case temperature

  • LTC4412 Power switching Issue

    We are using LTC4412 for power supply switching between 12V SMPS power Supply (PWR_IN)  and 7.4V Li-ion Battery Power Supply (BAT_V).The Block diagram and the schematic of the power supply and switching unit has been attached.
    When I connect the AC power…
  • LTC4412 - Query on dual DC power switch

    Hai Team,

    First of all thank you reading my query. We require a power path controller for switching between two 24V DC sources. One 24V DC will come from external 24V wall adapter and another will come from inbuilt 120VAC to 24V DC converter.

    Our requirement…

  • LTC4412- Power supply Switching delay

    Hello ,

       We are planning to implement a power path controller using the below circuit. 

      We need to know the tome delay between the assertion of ctrl pin and the gate and stat pin outputs when the powwr supply is switched from primary to auxillary.


  • LTC4412 Power switch with MOSFET pair

    Hi There,

    I have a couple of questions regarding the use of the LTC 4412 with a pair of MOSFETS as shown in figure 4 of the datasheet here:


    What I am trying to achieve is a…

  • LTC4412做切换时的一些问题





    2、SATA 漏极开路输出引脚,是不是可以通过这组数据来判断电源有没有插入?这组直接IO口来判断电源有没有插入有没有问题?


  • LTC4412 as a High Side Power Switch for Single-cell Li-ion battery

    I'm planning to use LTC4412 as a user controllable MOSFET switch. I'll post a image of my schematic for better clarity.

    The range of Vin will be from 2.85-4.35V and I've used an SPDT slide switch with a minimum contact current of 1uA. It will…