• LTC4381 LTpowerCAD model support and LTspice.

    Dear ADI Expert,

    Could you please advise or provide LTC4381 LTpowerCAD model support and LTspice file for application design ? 

    since we refer a lot formulas & parameter by hand calculation, but we still need LTpowerCAD/LTspice design tools for simulation…

  • LTC4351 VCC and GFET TVS questions


             The specification of LTC4381 is 54Vin and 54Vout/3A for LTC4381-4. The layout space is limited. So could we save D1 of VCC pin and D3 GFET Pin on schematics? Thank you. 

              For 54V efuse, has other solution integrated MOS except LTC4381? 

  • RE: LTpowerCAD II v2.7.1 Excel Design Tool does not open

    Oh sorry about that. Yes, there is excel support for LTC4381. Just sent the excel file to you by email separately.

    About this error when downloading excel, let me bring up to team to review. Thanks for the feedback.