• LTC2946 & LTC4380 - Sharing Current Sense Resistor

    I am already using LTC4380-4 at DC power input to my system. Configured for V_CLAMP=39.5V and I_OC=5A. I also want to have system-level power monitoring, and I have been looking at LTC2946 for this function. 

    My question is this: can LTC4380-4 and LTC2946…

  • LTC4380 Current Surge Stopper in 24V system

    We are using the LTC4380 as protection against automotive surges in our system.  We have setup our circuit according to the app note here: https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/technical-articles/M139_EN-Surge_Stopper.pdf

    The app note…

  • LTC4380 actual clamping time limit / MOSFET SOA

    Hi, first of all excuse me because me level of knowledge might be a little lower than some of you. 

    For a project i'm designing im using the TC4380. By now i think i read the datasheet 10 times, ran many simulations with LTspice. The whole timer / mosfet…

  • LTC4380: Acceptable values for R2, R3, C2 (BOM reduction)

    In the datasheet is clearly noted that R2, R3, and C2 should always be applied. In my design i have no other 10R, 33R and 47nF components, so basically these add 3 components to my BOM that is already to long the way it is. I would like to replace the…

  • LTC4380 Current Surge Stopper For ISO 16750-2 Demo Board

    Dear All:

    ADI website release LTC4380 for ISO 7637-2 and ISO 16750-2 reference design & TUV rest report  does ADI have a sell this demo board?? or part number can order?? thanks


  • RE: IC for disconnecting the load from the power supply during overcurrent


    LTC4380 as version with external FETs.

    LT4363 as version with adjustable clamp voltage (more current consumption compared to LTC4380)

  • questions about LT8672 + surge stopper family

    Hi ADI  Expert

    May I know  LT8672 can work with ADI's surge stopper family like LTC4380  to pass Automotive ISO16750 regulation?

    is the power chain below correct? or LT8672 and LT4380 should be swapped?

    thank you


  • RE: 关于LTC3350使用中出现烧毁的问题。


    可以考虑增加Surge Stop电路保护,如LTC4380

  • RE: LTC4364 in +28V input design question

    Hello,  The 600V/10us spike can be easily clamped with a TVS. If you choose this TVS breakdown to be above 80V, then it will not get stressed during the 80V/50ms surge, which can be clamped by the surge stopper. If you don't need the ideal diode functionality…