• LTC4380 Itmr Calculation


    I'm sure I'm missing something silly, but I'm having trouble figuring out how the design example on page 18 of the LTC4380 datasheet comes to the value of Itmr = 30.5uA during the calculation of the short-circuit time? Likewise for 9.75uA…

  • LTSpice model for LTC4380?

    I can't find a model for this chip.

    Do you have one available? If so, I could not find it, nor could Google.

  • LTC4380 surge protector simulation


    I am trying to simulate the circuit in below link 


    but I am unable to get response per document. attaching the simulation file. some one please have…

  • LTC4380 Surge stopper ISO7637 Test


    I want to use this circuit for 12Vdc input. I simulate same circuit as Figure 8 in LTSpice. But i have some questions.

    1. When i apply reverse voltage, output goes below nearly -6V and after 10msec it goes to 0V as we expected. I use same M1…

  • LTC4380-4 Gate Voltage Issue.


    We are using LTC4380-4 in one of our project for the Surge Protection, Reverse Protection & Over Current Application. We are using 50V  -  2Amps rating DC Power supply source as input to the VCC pin of LTC4380-4, But we could not get the output…

  • LTC4380-4 design issue

    hello sir ,

    Could you tell me how the LT4380's current number(30.5uA & 9.75uA) come from where?
    I want to confirm the MOSFET I chose meet the SOA .

  • LTC4380-4 Clamping Simulation

    I am using the -4 in a simulation, as I want to have the auto-restart function.  But I am not seeing this behavior in the simulation.  Here my nominal voltage is 12V, but can accept 21.5V Max.  I limited Vin to 12V because 12 + 13.5 - 4 = 21.5V.   When I add…

  • LTC4380 OUT Pin Bypass Cap

    Page 8 of the LTC4380 datasheet advises that the OUT pin should be bypassed with a minimum of 22uF capacitor. Can anyone advise as to why such a large capacitance is required here as a bypass cap? Most example circuits in the datasheet show a 22uF with…

  • LTC4380-4 Adjust clamping voltage


    I want to protect my electronics from surges with the LTC4380-4. My requirements are:

    -Vin = 8-32V

    -Vout = 8-40V (max.)

    -I = 0.5A

    -Surges up to 200V

    So, would it be valid to clamp the VCC-pin with a Zener-Diode (Vbr=27V) according to the requirements…

  • Set / Adjust Output CLAMP Voltage at LTC4380


    To improve current design to automotive grade, I need to redesign power supply input stage (currently designed with LT4356-Type  is not on the ARPL  11-Mar-2019)  with  LTC4380-Type.

    With the LT4356 is possible to adjust CLAMP – Level (MOSFET act like…