• LTC4380 Overcurrent protection cannot be triggered

    LTC4380 Overcurrent protection cannot be triggered

  • High Voltage limiting for LTC4380


    I have a application where i want to limit the voltage transients and current in a 140VDC circuit. I am looking at the datasheet of the LTC4380 and the application circuit in figure 11 shows how to accomplish this with a 70VDC limit. If i want to…

  • LTC4380 Under Voltage Lockout - Is Zener Diode required?

    Figure 8 in the LTC4380 datasheet shows a Zener Diode used to set the Undervoltage lockout threshold.

    Is there a reason a resistor divider cannot be used here instead? For cost saving, and limiting current wasted through this circuit.

  • ltc4380-3/-4 and SEL pin

    due to LTC4380-2 sudden shortage I consider mounting LTC4380-4 version. Unfortunatelly on my layout for LTC4380-2 I have SEL pulled up to VCC to choose higher clamping voltage, but in datasheet it is recommended to pull SEL low when using LTC4380-3 or…

  • LTC4380 Short Circuit Protection


    Customer is planning to use LTC4380 for the power rail of 28V/9.57A. Based on the spreadsheet calculator, the required MOSFET SOA is VDS= 39.2V, IDS = 21.11A & Time = 88.8ms.

    Currently with wide SOA MOSFET selection is either IXTK200N10L2 or IXFB210N30P3…

  • RE: LTC4380: Acceptable values for R2, R3, C2 (BOM reduction)

    Hi SuperKris,

    I'm just going through the same process of BOM reduction so wondering how this went for you? What values did you use in the end?

    I see in the data sheet that R3 10R is to suppress parasitic oscillation at the MOSFET gate. I would imagine…

  • RE: LTC4380-4 design issue

    Hello, They are derived using the Itmr equations on page 14 but the numbers are not correct. See this thread: LTC4380 Itmr Calculation (analog.com)

  • LTC4380 Itmr Calculation


    I'm sure I'm missing something silly, but I'm having trouble figuring out how the design example on page 18 of the LTC4380 datasheet comes to the value of Itmr = 30.5uA during the calculation of the short-circuit time? Likewise for 9.75uA…

  • LTC4380 OUT Pin Bypass Cap

    Page 8 of the LTC4380 datasheet advises that the OUT pin should be bypassed with a minimum of 22uF capacitor. Can anyone advise as to why such a large capacitance is required here as a bypass cap? Most example circuits in the datasheet show a 22uF with…

  • LTC4380 surge protector simulation


    I am trying to simulate the circuit in below link 


    but I am unable to get response per document. attaching the simulation file. some one please have…