• LTC4376


    I want to simulate the LTC4376 model ideal diode controller, but I cannot find it in LTspice even though it says there is LT model.

    If possible, can you share the spice model?

  • [URGENT] LTC4376 Questions


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Could you please help the questions as follows ?

    Q1. Our customer evaluate DC2705A for their new design. He connects +12V  with CH1 input and CH2 input is no connection. But we can see the strange voltage on CH2 input as follows…

  • IC for switching on and off the load from the power supply


    I need to choose a IC that will turn on / off the load from the power supply 30 V. Load current 2 A. The load supply voltage is equal to the supply voltage (30V). 

    Turn-on speed no more than 700ns. The turn-on speed is the rise time of the voltage…

  • RE: LTC4015: coupling outputs of parallel units

    Hi Zack,

    thanks for the fast reply.

    The input power supply is beefy enough to cope with the pulses, so I'll connect the Vin lines.

    For the outputs, can I use something like  one LTC4376 per pack I guess.

    The LTC4376 can do 7A, and the maximum output…

  • RE: LTC4234 reverse current protection

    Inside LTC4233/34, there is one MOSFET. This MOSFET will do forward current limiting. This will not block the reverse current as body diode of the MOSFET will conduct current in reverse direction. You will have to use an ideal diode part (LTC4410,LTC4412…

  • RE: LTC7004 as high side driver for reverse polarity protection.


    Could you re-upload higher resolution version of your schematic?  or Attach LTspice simulation file.  I couldn't see your schematic.

    I don't think you can use this controller for reverse polarity protection.  You will need an additional controller…


    Hi ducdao,

    Apologies for late response. Please see this attached document:


  • 系列第一弹丨ADI新品速递(2019 年 3 月)




    采用 6.25 mm × 6.25 mm BGA 封装的 12 A 15 A 引脚兼容型 μModule 稳压器将电感用作散热器

    ADI Power by LinearTM  20 VINμModule® (电源模块)稳压器 LTM4626 LTM4638 采用 3D