• RE: Load share controller (LTC4350 or potential replacement)

    LTC4370 is the recommended load share controller. 

  • RE: Schematics review of LTC4370

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    Can you tell us what is the Estimate Annual Usage for this opportunity?

  • Some questions about LTC4370

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            About LTC4370,I have some questions that  I cann't find the awnsers from datasheet,please give me a help,thanks a  lot.

            1、What's the diode-OR mean?

            2、What's the function about CPO1 and CPO2 of  LTC4370?

            3、What's case that…

  • RE: Load Sharing at 48V

    Hi Fabio,  We don't have a load sharing controller or LTC4370-like device for 60V. If the two 48V inputs are batteries, ideal diodes share current after the higher voltage battery (supplying the entire load current initially) discharges to the lower battery…

  • RE: Automatic Switchover from a Battery to a Wall Adapter with a Battery Charger

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    Btw, for my another application, I found that there is a current balancing IC LTC4370, but it is with the 0V to 18V High Side Operation scale, if my application is with the scale 20~60V, do you have any idea on the solution?

    Thanks and best reg…

  • RE: Load shared with multuple paralleled battery packs

    Hello. Thank you for your responce. Ltc4015 have internal ideal diodes, but i doubt can i tie each Sys output together? Will the output ideal diode block reverse current from other ltc4015 ics with absence of power supply for chargers or i must use individual…

  • RE: LTC4355 load sharing problem

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    The regulation technique mentioned in this article maintains 25mV across mosfet drain and source connections at power up .When supply voltages are close such that both the MOSFET body diodes conduct initially ,  LTC4355 starts to regulate…

  • RE: 关于LTC4370管脚及功能的几个问题