• RE: {Urgent] N-Fet gate driver buffer for LT4356 and LTC4368

    Hi Oretna,  For stronger gate drive, look at LTC7000-LTC7004 series of high side switch drivers.

  • LTC4368

    I would like to use the LTC4368 in a hot swap application with a bidirectional load (motor controller) and a battery.  What concerns me is that I can't see any way to reset the inrush limiting if there is a momentary power interruption.  If my connector…

  • RE: LTC4368 Random Shutdown

    When this shutdown occurs, does the output eventually turn back on? If it doesn't, that could indicate an overcurrent fault. Because you have the RETRY pin grounded, the output will stay off after the circuit breaker is tripped.

    Monitor UV, OV, and…

  • LTC4368 bidirectional switch

    Dear Community,

    I'd like to realize a bidirecctional powerswitch for 20-30V applications. I'm wondering if something like this is possible to realize with the LTC4368. It shall be protected against any reverse voltage and high currents from both sides…

  • LTC4368 - sometimes switching off


    I have boards with the same circuit you can see here:

    VIN = 24V, SHDN is control by uC with 0V/3.3V, FLT is open. It is running correctly, but sometimes and randomly I get the following strange behaviours


    The Yellow line is the voltage at the…

  • LTC4368 shutdown control

    Does the LTC4368 breaks down when the shutdown pin is driven to by example 3.3V, while the input and output of the LTC4368 is unpwered?

    Best regards

  • LTC4368 weak gate drive

    I have implemented the LTC4368 with the following configuration:

    VIN(MIN) = 40V

    VIN(MAX) = 52V

    OCP = 5A


    Nominal input voltage is 48V. This is part of a larger system, however all that is currently populated on the PCBA is what is shown in the attached…

  • LTC4368 proper operation


    I'm testing LTC4368-1 as a bidirectional power switch, according to the application schematic in the datasheet.

    Vin=42V. Shutdown is turned high at power on.

    After a power on, I find that the MOSFET on the Vin side fails and shorts drain and source…

  • LTC4368-2 Output Capacitance


    I'm a little confused by the section talking about limiting inrush current during turn on. Your datasheet talks about charging large capacitors on Vout that could lead to excessive inrush currents. Are you referring to a singular large capacitor…