• turn LTC4367 into LTC4367-1

    May be a silly question - is it possible somehow to turn LTC4367 into LTC4367-1 without replacing component? We have already gotten a batch of boards but there is such a silly mismatch...

  • LTC4367 problem

    Hi Analog and Linear experts,

    I used LTC4367 as a protection for power section of my board. as you see in attached image the circuit is like what said in datasheet. but it doesn't work even in normal range of voltage like 12V. in the output of this IC…

  • LTC4367 FET Selection

    The datasheet for the LTC4367 list a number of external MOSFETS, however these are all relatively low power devices (max 4.5A). 

    Could you recommend any devices suitable for a larger load current?

    Would IPD034N06N3GATMA1 be suitable for use (in a pair…

  • LTC4367 for 40A Load


    I am evaluating the over-voltage protection circuit and came across LTC4367. I wanted to know if I can use the same for a 40A motor load. I am trying to use it in between my buck and motor controller. My system is running on a battery? 

    Thanks a lot…

  • LTC4367 Reverse protection

    Hi Analog and Linear experts,

    I have problem with reverse supply protection, at LTC4367.
    When I connect reversed supply to IN, at OUTput is measured negative voltage instead 0V.
    All others LTC4367 functionality with positive supply work correctli (UV, OV…

  • LTC4367 gate problem



    Im using LTC4367 as reverse polarity and load dump protection. My device get damaged when some load is applied (2A when testing).

    Gate charge pump stopped working and Vgate=VIN, OV and UV dont work and device is always on when SHLD pin is 0V. I…

  • LTC4367 / LTC4359 ORING


    I have 2 questions for you

    Is the LTC437 can be use as an ORING diode for multiple ( 3-4) power supplies . It seem that page 15 of the datasheet warn tha is not possible....why that ?

    As an alternative solution i thought about LTC4359 but there…

  • LTC4367 - Resistor Selection


    I would like to use LTC4367 like the datasheet recommends.

    Page 17 Figure 19

    It is designed for 12V battery which should stop at 14.6V.

    However, I want to design it for 24V which requires 30V Over Voltage.

    The only thing I want to change is R1…

  • LTC4367 1A load issue


    I am using LTC4267 IC as a over voltage protection device. I have set the over voltage to 36v and the device is working fine. I have given a load of 1A. I have given 28v supply and 100V supply using diodes ORing circuit such that

    1. If 28V is ON…

  • Paralleled LTC4367 for redundancy

    Hi ADI expert

    I have a application that needs two LTC4367 as an Or-ring but connects to the same power source

    why I need to do this is not for current sharing but redundancy. 

    May I know if there is any side effect of the architecture?

    I think the current…