• LTC4367 IC damaged after input voltage dip

    Hi experts,

    I am using an LTC4367 to protect the circuit from overvoltage and reverse polarity. The chip works great but I ran into a problem, I set 12 volts on my power supply and limited the output current to 500mA and connected a controlled load to…

  • Follow up "LTC4367 gate problem"


    may I follow this up? (LTC4367 gate problem)

    This schematic has no resistance at VIN and no gate resistance.

    In case of reverse polarity, the LTC4367 ties VIN to GATE internally.
    Wouldn't that cause an uncontrolled high current through the LTC4367…

  • RE: LTC4367 Undervoltage, Overvoltage protection - count appropriate resistors

    Hi Arron,  

    I have a similar application where I need to protect my circuit from 250V spikes. 

    The SMAJ33CA doesn’t seem to do the job based on my LTspice simulation.  Can you recommend apart that will achieve this?

    Thanks! Bill

      8883.LTC4367 Over…

  • LTC4367 for 40A Load


    I am evaluating the over-voltage protection circuit and came across LTC4367. I wanted to know if I can use the same for a 40A motor load. I am trying to use it in between my buck and motor controller. My system is running on a battery? 

    Thanks a lot…

  • Paralleled LTC4367 for redundancy

    Hi ADI expert

    I have a application that needs two LTC4367 as an Or-ring but connects to the same power source

    why I need to do this is not for current sharing but redundancy. 

    May I know if there is any side effect of the architecture?

    I think the current…

  • LTC4367 / LTC4359 ORING


    I have 2 questions for you

    Is the LTC437 can be use as an ORING diode for multiple ( 3-4) power supplies . It seem that page 15 of the datasheet warn tha is not possible....why that ?

    As an alternative solution i thought about LTC4359 but there…

  • turn LTC4367 into LTC4367-1

    May be a silly question - is it possible somehow to turn LTC4367 into LTC4367-1 without replacing component? We have already gotten a batch of boards but there is such a silly mismatch...

  • Limiting Inrush Current issue with LTC4367

    I am using LTC4367 as inrush current limiter for my applicationwith IN of 36V. I am using a single power MOSFET as indicated in the attached LTSpice schematic to limit the inrush current into 4 HV electrolytic capacitors each of 560uF. There is no load…

  • Feedback on a schematic using a LTC4367 before having a proto board made.


    Looking for feedback on a schematic I have created before having a board made.

    I am using a LTC4367 as an UV and OV protection controller. When the battery voltage is below or above a threshold set by R1-R4 the battery voltage is removed from the…

  • RE: LTC4367 killing mosfets

    Something I have also noticed, is that for some reason when BAT is removed, some of the gate driver gates voltage does not go to zero and keeps the FET enhanced with zero ohm across it. It slowly decays and takes a long time before it drops below 0.3V…