• LTC4366 VDD and SD voltage


    I have been using LTspice to check how the LTC4366 works.

    When a surge comes in from the input, the VDD pin voltage exceeds its absolute maximum voltage 10V.

    Please refer to the attached document. 

    The VDD pin is clamped to 12V internally, so I…

  • LTC4366 -2

    Hello everyone. i have a supresor circuit with LTC4366CDDB-2#PBF, it work fine when the overvoltage is about 2 seconds, but when overvoltage pass more that 2 seconds the Ltc4366-2 never restart from cool-down period.

    I have to turn off the source and…

  • LTC4366

    I am using a LTC4366 to protect a power supply for transients testing with the military, and for the most part is does great. However, one of the test drops the voltage to zero and then applies 50V for x ms and then drops the voltage back to 29V nominal…

  • LTC4366 Data Sheet


    Can someone please help me find the data sheet for LTC4366

  • Problems with LTC4366

    Hello. I need help with LTC4366 circuit. I need to develop a supply that is protected from voltages upper then 30 V DC (up to 400 V AC) and that must work from 10 V DC, so I've chosen LTC4366 for this application. Now I'm trying to make it work, but than…

  • Eval Kits for LTC4366

    What Eval Kits can be used with LTC4366?

  • LTC4366-2 ISSUE

    Picture:  input  from 160V ->350V/2s->160V; output is 160V->200V/2S->160V;  (because the input range of the latter power module is 100V to 200V)

    ISSUE:  when input was 350V,and output is 200V,the MOS is  worked in variable resistance region。NOW…

  • LTC4366-2 Problem

    I have designed surge protector with LTC4366.

    I attached the schematic.

    My problem is, when load current is 10A there is no problem. But i increased the load current to 15A LTC4366 stopped working and voltage across mosfets became near 2.5V.

    Voltage between…

  • LTC4366 Telecom Application

    Dear Sir,

    Below LTC4366 Surge Stopper/-48V System will Support.

    External 230V-AC to 48V-DC (41.5A) Power Supply Unit gives  (+) Terminal ,   (-) Terminal and  PE Protective Earth terminal , for telecom Application, Equipment,  (+) Terminal and PE Protective…

  • LTC4366-2 dont work

    Hi! I developed simple surge stopper circuit using LTC4366-2, but it doesnt work on the pcb, althouht it was working properly in LTSpice simulator. What is the problem? Also, i noticed that circuit started up when i toched the floating ground point of…