• LTC4366-2 Problem

    I have designed surge protector with LTC4366.

    I attached the schematic.

    My problem is, when load current is 10A there is no problem. But i increased the load current to 15A LTC4366 stopped working and voltage across mosfets became near 2.5V.

    Voltage between…

  • RE: Questions about LTC4366

    Hi Michael,

    1. The 1.6uA is internal weak pull up source to keep the pin in a known state. you can pull down the shutdown pin externally that will overcome this 1.6 uA causing it to shutdown. If you don't want to use the shutdown functionality , you can…

  • LTC4366 -2

    Hello everyone. i have a supresor circuit with LTC4366CDDB-2#PBF, it work fine when the overvoltage is about 2 seconds, but when overvoltage pass more that 2 seconds the Ltc4366-2 never restart from cool-down period.

    I have to turn off the source and…

  • Problems with LTC4366

    Hello. I need help with LTC4366 circuit. I need to develop a supply that is protected from voltages upper then 30 V DC (up to 400 V AC) and that must work from 10 V DC, so I've chosen LTC4366 for this application. Now I'm trying to make it work, but than…

  • RE: AD8397 Surge Immunity Test Failed


    I think LTC4366 would do the job. I moved your query to Power By Linear for better support on your question.

    Best Regards,

  • RE: LTC4366 killing MOSFETs

    Hi John,

    In the first case with 3.3nF gate cap, the inrush current is very small  and it takes roughly 62 msec to charge the output cap . The timer timesout much before this and shuts the gate off. the part will still retry after 9 sec but fail to start as…

  • ESD protection for LTC4366 power surge application


    How does the example circuit of the LTC4366 handle ESD protection ?

    Does the M2 Mosfet clamp the ESD pulse and survive ?

  • LTC4366-2 Cold Crank

    I would like to use the above design recommended in the LTC4366-2 Datasheet.The is a problem on cold crank 12V systems, that can drop to 4-6V during staring of the engine. Can I use a capacitor like 4u7 capacitor (100V ) to store more than 9V during…

  • LTC4366-2 with MIL-STD175 voltage ripple

    we use the LTC4366-2 to protect an internal logic supply (low current required only) during MIL-STD1275 voltage surge (100V pulse with short rise time, 50ms Plateau and 450ms fall time). This works fine as expected, as the Duration of the pulse does…

  • LTC4366-2 High Voltage Surge Stopper


            I wanted to us LTC4366-2 in my design. In the datasheet, there is an example circuit which can carry 1.5A current. In my application, I need to draw in between 20A to 60A current. By just changing the M1 (Mosfet), can I adopt the circuit to…