• RE: Problem with LTC2942

    1) LTC2942 does not have reverse polarity protection.

    2) LTC2942 has internal ESD protection diodes, e.g. from GND (anode) to SENSE+. Applying reverse polarity will cause a big forward current through this diode and damage the part.

    3) You need some reverse…

  • Mosfet selectrion for LTC4365


    I am using LTC4365 for protection of my batteries and each battery would draw around 40A of current , I am facing difficulty in selecting the right mosfet , the mosfet given in datasheet can handle only 8A of current. My question is can I use mosfet…

  • RE: Is LTC4365 an automotive part?


    LTC4365 is designed into a lot of automotive applications. AEC-Q100 qualification for this part is in progress. Please email me your application requirements and production time lines so that we can assist you further.


    Manpreet Singh

  • Functional Safety for Power

    Back in 2016 Analog Devices announced they were acquiring Linear technology - the result, an enormous power portfolio. Some of these circuits can carry more than 100 amps to servers used in data centers, others include galvanic isolation and others concentrate…