• LTC4364


    I want to add a resistor (e.g. 1k) between Current_Shunt  and Sens-Pin, and a Resistor (e.g. 220K) from Vin to Sens-Pin.

    A higher Input/output Voltage difference should then result in a lower current limitation. My goal is , to better adopt to the…

  • LTC4364 design question

    Hi Sir,

    I need an design soluction as LTC4364 but input voltage will be 15~150V DC.
    I find below description in LTC4364 datasheet
    "In the event of an input short or a power supply failure, reverse current temporarily flows through the MOSFET M2 that is…
  • RE: LT4363 - Fault detection during Reverse voltage application

    Hi Anup,

    I would recommend using LTC4364 for your application . LTC4364 has independent Mosfet and ideal diode controller and fault indication in case of reverse current and reverse voltage protection. This would reduce external component count and simplify…

  • RE: LT4356-1 & LTC4364-2 negative protect

    HI Snow.Hung,

    Your interpretation is right . With its Ideal diode functionality LTC4364 isolates the output from input completely in case reverse current develops and hence the output voltage is held up in case of input short etc.

    With the LTC4356 surge…

  • Reverse input current for LTC4364 demo board

    Hi there,

    We are evaluating the reverse polarity protection feature of the LTC4364 using the DC2027A-B demo board.  When a reverse input voltage was applied, the reverse input current was 35 mA.  We were expecting a much smaller value.  Why would there…

  • RE: LTC4364 UVLO Bouncing

    Hi PSachdev,

    I tried to use high value resistors for above UV bouncing issue, but it did not help.

    Finally, I set the UV of LTC4364 to 6V, which is lower than the UV protection of battery supply.

    When the UV protection of battery is triggered, it requires…

  • RE: LTC4364 OV timeout length

    The schematic is here:

    I discovered the answer right after posting the question yesterday. The current consumption of the LTC4364 and the pullups that are tied to Vcc create enough of a drop over R6 that Vcc is only about 48V when the input to the filter…

  • LTC4364 OV triggering early


    When trying to Verify our protection circuit using the LTC4364, the overvoltage protection triggers below the 1.25V level on the OV pin.  We have designed for an OV level of around 60V but the device shuts off the HGATE Pin at 51V.  All other protection…

  • LTC4364 OV and UV protection

    The LTC4364 is configured with UV = 6V, OV = 32V, Clamp = 28V and CTMR = 2.2uF and run MIL STD 704A test for abnormal overvoltage with 50V and duration of 50msec then what is expected output? Will it clamp to 28V or not output due to over voltage detection…

  • How low can be CTMR in LTC4364 ?

    Dear all,

    I'm using the LTC4364 in a circuit where M1 and M2 are the same MOSFET. When an inrush current is present, M1 gets damaged and M2 keeps intact.

    M1 damaged means RDS(ON) increases a lot and it starts having heat problems event at low loads…