Hello , I'm  designing a ORING circuit with 2 LTC4364 , so with 2 power supply

    I have a doubt about the ENOUT pins :

    Do these pins are usless If one of the power supply is still activated beacause the output of the 2 ORING structure are tie together…

  • RE: LTC4364-2 slow response

    Hi,  Thanks for your question. To fix the above issue, an updated model will be released soon.

  • LTC4364 ESD Levels


    What are the ESD levels for the LTC4364. I couldn't find these values in the datasheet.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Questions about ltc4364


    I am working on the output stage of my circuit which has the following context:

    • Voltage at the input of the stage is Vin = 5V (regulated)
    • At the output of the stage I have a connector where Vout = 5V, Iout(max) = 3A. The connector is meant to…
  • LTC4364


    I want to add a resistor (e.g. 1k) between Current_Shunt  and Sens-Pin, and a Resistor (e.g. 220K) from Vin to Sens-Pin.

    A higher Input/output Voltage difference should then result in a lower current limitation. My goal is , to better adopt to the…

  • LTC4364 design question

    Hi Sir,

    I need an design soluction as LTC4364 but input voltage will be 15~150V DC.
    I find below description in LTC4364 datasheet
    "In the event of an input short or a power supply failure, reverse current temporarily flows through the MOSFET M2 that is…
  • LTC4364 UVLO Bouncing


    I am connecting my device to a 12V battery with the following LTC4364 load dump circuit in between.

    The continuous operating current of my device is about 2A.

    I found that the device would turn off when the battery voltage dropped to about 8.5V…

  • LTC4364: output delay


    i was trying to simulate the LTC4364 bihevior with the ciruit provided in the datasheet, but i couldn't understand why there is a delay befor the current load starts to rise ?

    could you please explain me why this happen?

    best regards,

  • LTC4364 - Design question


    we are working with the LTC4364 surge stopper, and we have the schematic below.

    We aim to protect our load from 15A maximum current, and we have not so many requirements, so we have only configured the Rsense in order to accomplish that.

    The problem…

  • RE: LTC4364 Burning out MOSFET

    This question was also posted through other ADI support channel. Support continued there. FET SOA has to be sufficient to handle extra load current during startup.