• LTC4364 mosfet burning


    I used two LTC4364 as an ideal diode for my project in which there are 10 motor drivers and actuators and I used these ideal diodes to power these drivers.
    I should mention that each drive has about 100uf capacitors. (So we have a 1000uf cap on the…
  • LTC4364 ORING

    Hello , I'm  designing a ORING circuit with 2 LTC4364 , so with 2 power supply

    I have a doubt about the ENOUT pins :

    Do these pins are usless If one of the power supply is still activated beacause the output of the 2 ORING structure are tie together…

  • LTC4364 HGATE issue


    we have encountered a problem several times with the LTC4364.I am trying to understand why the chip stops to work at any particular moments. It occurs when our board is powered On each time.
    In fact, the U3 MOSFET is no longer closed, HGATE drops to…
  • LTC4364 Reverse Input Voltage below -40V

    I need a reverse input protection of -30V and also a TVS diode. A 30V TVS diode goes up to 50V.

    A -50V input simulation on your LTSpice example shows, that only the SOURCE pin follows that -50V.

    My idea was, protecting the SOURCE input (for example with…

  • [urgent] LTC4364 parallel design?

    Hi SIr,

    I have designed the LTC4364 schematic as attached file. The input source are two adapter, it need to support redundant Supply.

    The application condition as below:

    1) Vin range= 10.8V~52.8V

    2) Vout rangne= 11.8V~52.8V

    3) UV=6V, OV=60V, OC typ=…

  • LTC4364 schematic review

    Hi Sir,

    I have some questions on LTC4364. The design schematic as below:

    1) Input volatge=10.8V~52.8V

    2) Input current= 50A @ Vin=10.8V

        Input current= 10.3A @ Vin=52.8V

     a. Do the PD1 and PD2 must for this design?  The input of PJ1 connector don't need…

  • LTC4364's OV pin question of BLOCK DIAGRAM

    Dear Sir,

    LT4364 BLOCK DIAGRAM shows two OV points.

    Are these two OV the same point?


  • LTC4364-2 slow response

    Hi all,

    I'd like to use the LTC4364-2 for under/overvoltage en overcurrent protection, but I face some problems while simulating an over current event. 

    The overcurrent protection is set to 25A (Resistor R3 0.002 ohm).

    To simulate an overcurrent event…

  • LTC4364 Burning out MOSFET


    I’ve designed an Ideal diode Board using LTC4364.

    Input voltage: 36~54.6V

    Max current: 30A

    I’ve tested the board and faced a problem.

    Test setup:

    A 10-ohm (1000 W) resistor is connected to the output connector(P2) and the Input voltage…

  • LTC4364 VCC去耦电容

    LTC4364规格书里的典型应用,低压输入VCC都是直接接VIN;36~72输入是通过电阻接VIN, 但是图上没有显示有接VCC的去耦电容,请问这种情况下VCC是否不需要去耦电容?谢谢 Figure 10. 48V Hot Swap with Overvoltage Output Regulation at 72V, Circuit Breaker, and Reverse Current Protection