• LTC4359 Reverse Polarity Protection for low power load

    Hi there,

    I'm attempting to use the LTC4359 to provide Reverse Polarity and Reverse Current Protection for the input of a DCDC converter that charges a battery. At the moment, I have spiced and prototyped something similar to Figure 10 in the datasheet…

  • LTC4359


    I use LTC4359 as a power switch and input reverse protection. 

    Recently I had two boards in which the NMOSFET Q1A was short between drain and source. 

    Do I have to put an inrush control circuit (C1 and R4)on the GATE, as shown in Figure 6 in LTC3459…

  • DC1676A / LTC4359

    I configured a DC1676A (LTC4359 Demo Kit) to be two ideal diodes and connected DC1676A's two outputs together to the same load (OR-ing).  The SHDNs were ON.  The input voltages of DC1676A were 22V and 21V.  The load was a SMPS and MCU, the load current…

  • LTC4359 - External MOSFET


    Can I use an external N-channel MOSFET whose source is connected to OUT pin and drain is connected to IN pin of the LTC4359? I want to use prevent current flow from IN to OUT only. Can I use such a connection?

  • Problem with LTC4359

    Hello everyone
    I am currently working with the LTC4359 on a project, my input voltage is 24V, output voltage 24V and I would like to have an output current of 30A.
    Currently when I put a load of 10A the transistors stop working and the temperature rises…

  • LTC4367 / LTC4359 ORING


    I have 2 questions for you

    Is the LTC437 can be use as an ORING diode for multiple ( 3-4) power supplies . It seem that page 15 of the datasheet warn tha is not possible....why that ?

    As an alternative solution i thought about LTC4359 but there…

  • LTC4359 GATE/SOURCE voltage

    Hi there,

    During design a backup power system with LTC4359, we have a question about the voltage of pin GATE.

    1. The voltage betwen GATE & SOURCE(marker 1-2) is 3.0v only when no loader current. it can increased to 4.5v when load current is 8A.


  • Switching power (LTC4359)

    I want to switch to the power adapter when it is connected.
    But my circuit doesn't work.
    I still get power from VBAT

  • MOSFET Selection for LTC4359

    I'm using a LTC4359 to control a VS-FC420SA15 (1.93 mΩ nominal RDS-on) MOSFET for OR-ing together 6 1kW, 28V DC converters for redundancy and droop sharing.  Our implementation is close to figure 15 in the datasheet with a 10Ω resistor between…

  • LTC4359 Burning MOSFET

    Hi, we have a problem where the first mosfet, T6 or T8, sometimes burns out and can no longer be turned off.

    We have three boards with this OR configuration that manage + 5V, + 12V and + 24V, the problem is only on the + 24V, all three boards have max…