• RE: 关于LTC4359的部分问题

    Hi Allendai,

    1. For the LTC4363, everything is referred to ground potential hence the pin is named GND whereas LTC4359 , a resistor is connected between Gnd and the LTC4359 pin Vss . The internal circuit of LTC4359 is referred to this terminal which may…

  • RE: Switching power (LTC4359)

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  • LTC4359 - Burning out blocking MOSFET


    I'm trying to create a load switch using the LTC4359 that can block 65V and handle 30A of continuous current. Here is my current setup:

    The problem I'm having is that Q2 burns out and can no longer be switched off. I'v verified Q2 is the only…

  • LTC4359使用疑问




    1、在DataSheet Rev. D的版本第6页中,系统框图(见下图及附图)中存在着一个负压比较器,





  • LTC4359使能后不能开启MOS管






  • LT4363 - Fault detection during Reverse voltage application


    I have been using LTC4359 to prevent reverse voltage application (from output) to damage my internal circuits. Normal Input/output is 5V and I am using the chip to protect against external application of 28V on the output. However, LTC4359 does…

  • RE: LTC4357 100V Application

    Hello ek09,  The above circuit needs to be within the 9V to 80V operating and 100V absolute maximum rating of the LTC4357 but device should also not spend extended time near absolute maximum rating (per Note 1 on datasheet page 3). For example, with V1…

  • RE: Ideal diode load switch turn-on speed?

    Hello Petec,

    Your observation is very astute. While it may not take 34ms for the FETs to turn on, based on my simulations, it will take somewhere between 10-15ms for the LTC4359 to be able to drive MOSFETs with that high of a gate charge. One think you…

  • Looking for externally powered ideal diode controller

    Searching for an ideal diode controller.

    I have found a number of parts that have some but not all of my requirements and was wondering if anyone has used something in this realm before.


    • -10V to 60V common mode tolerance on Anode/Cathode…
  • RE: Re: [Power Management] - Re: LT8490 Buck-Boost Battery Charge Controller with MPPT

    If you want to disconnect one of the batteries from the charger you have to add another MOSFET in series with Q3 and with Q1. See figure 6 in the LTC4359 data sheet. The reason is that the body diode in Q3 will conduct even if you turn off the gate drive…