• LTC4355 Reference Schematic partlist for below circuit

    Please share the full reference schematic & BOM for below Oring Application given in datasheet.

  • LTC4355

    Dear Sir,

    we are using LTC4355 for Specific application Battery fail safe switching in case Mains failure 1. Battery Voltage 32 V DC 2. Mains DC Supply Voltage 34 V DC

    Load(BLDC Motor) Current is 45 A DC.

    Normal operation Main DC Supply Voltage Will…

  • LTC4355 - PWRFLT control

    I'm currently looking to use the LTC4355 to control 2 12V PSU's

    I was trying to work out if I can use the PWRFLT outputs to generate the two signals.

    Combine the two outputs together (therefore just connecting them straight together).

    I need to…

  • LTC4355 load sharing problem

    Hi ADI experts

    Quoted a paragraph from LTC4355 as below

    however,no detail spec for "how much voltage difference is nearly equal"? and also , it seems like LTC4355 has load sharing function and no related spec can be found in the datasheet as well…

  • LTC4355 internal open-drain outputs - max current?


    I want to use the open-drain outputs of the LTC4355 to drive 12VDC / 20 mA red LEDs when there is a fault (opposite polarity of the green LED examples shown). I could not find information in the datasheet on the maximum current for the internal…

  • RE: LTC4355 for Hot Swap application

    Hi Anand,  The gate voltage could be reacting to load current fluctuations. Please note that LTC4355 does not perform inrush current control like a hot swap controller would. If you're hot plugging input supplies, the current will flow uncontrolled through…

  • Ideal diode LTC4355 possible Latch up ?

    Hi everyone,

    I designed a dc dc converter with the LT8390 in 12V out 47V 4.5 Amper, is part of a UPS,
    to switch on the main power supply and dc-dc converter I used an ideal diode LTC4355 
    and 2 mosfets IRF3710,

    I have the following problem (occurs for load…

  • LTC4355 external MOSFETS not switching OFF at Fault threshold.


    1 VDS Fault not operating at expected 1.5V threshold when "Set" pin is open circuit
    2 Ref Schematic attached,MON1 at 17.2V: MOSFET M1 does not switch Off. PWRFLT1 LED LED4 is OFF.
  • Does LTC4355 support the back-to-back N-MOS?

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    Background: as per the datasheet, LTC4359 support back-to-back N Mosfet, shown below.

    My question: Does LTC4355(dual) support the back-to-back N Mosfet also? I did not find the related statement/example for this application request in the…

  • Can I use two LTC4355 Ideal ORing chips with LiFePO4 batteries?


    We're currently working on a design where it looks like the LTC4355 is the best choice to allow us to parallel 2 LiFePO4 25V batteries.  The max current will be approximately 52A

    so I figured this chip is the best choice since it uses N-ch mosfets…