• LTC4370 vs LTC4353

    we have a design that uses LTC4353, but would like to use LTC4370 in its place because of availability issues.

    Can the LTC4370 be used without the sense resistors?

  • LTC4353


    We designed a little circuit to select between 2 voltage source with the LTC4353 but we don't have the result expected.

    We want to be able to shutdown Vout and select Vin2 if present instead of Vin1(always present) but Vin1>Vin2

    Vin1 = 7.4V…

  • LTC4353问题





  • LTC4353 back-to-back mosfet

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if LTC4353, that seems to be the doubled version of LTC4352, accept back-to-back connection for the external mosfet.

    Is it possible?

    The datasheet do not mention this possibility, but this is available in the little brother LTC4352…

  • LTC4353 OR-ing diode enabling below 0.8V not 0.6V


    I am using the LTC4353 in the configuration shown in the attached image. My application requires that the AUX voltage be higher initially than the MAIN voltage so I would like to disable the AUX current path until the main voltage drops below 9V…

  • LTC4353 secondary input voltage drop

    I'm experiencing a strange behaviour on a board where I'm using LTC4353 as a "12V Main and Auxiliary Supply Diode-OR" . The circuit I'm working on is depicted below (it's pretty the same circuit found on page 11 of the original datasheet…

  • LTC4353 Permits reverse current


    We are using a circuit where it gets Power from two supplies and have implemented LTC4353 for reverse current protection. Such that one of the Source(Battery) does not get loaded.

    We found issues that the mosfet M1 and M2 ( We used different…

  • 关于ltc4372的turn-on时间


  • RE: Need ideal diode controller for high current

    Hello, An N-channel controller is more suitable for your current level. These are in the LTC435x series: consider LTC4353 (dual 0V-18V), LTC4355 (dual 9V-80V), LTC4359 (single 4V-80V with switch capability), or select "N-Channel" under Ideal Diode column…

  • RE: LTC4416 oring controller gate driver current

    Hello, Please do not post similar question under different titles. I posted this answer under "Need ideal diode controller for high current":

    An N-channel controller is more suitable for your current level. These are in the LTC435x series: consider…