• Exact Alternate part required to LTC4350



    We are developing one AC-DC power supply for aerospace application, it is in development stage.


    We have a requirement of hot swap parallel operation of these AC-DC power supply.


    So, in order to share the load equally and hot swap feature I could…

  • Can't get LTC4350 to share current

    EDIT : Moved here as advised by the European Customer Interaction Centre.Any help will really be appreciated 

    Hi everyone,

    My setup is as follows:

    The nominal output voltage of the system should be 12V.

    The LT4350 Turns on when the output voltage of the…

  • LTC4350 with short protection

    Hi, everyone.

    Recently, I have a question about LTC4350 in short protection. here is the schematic。

    when load start to short, the DC-DC Converter start short protection, and then the temperature of MOSFET Q11 gets hot until broken.

  • LTC4350 feedback pin control

    Hey everyone,

    Can any explain how to interface the LTC4350 to a DCDC converter which doesn't have a sense pin and only a feedback network controlling the output voltage?

    On page 8 it says the following : Note that the power module must have accessible…

  • RE: Load share controller (LTC4350 or potential replacement)

    I like the features described in the LTC4350 data sheet except there is a note saying NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS!  So what is the recommended replacement for the LTC4350?

  • RE: Paralleling DCDC converters request


    This was very insightful and has given me some ideas on a path forward.

    I may still want to consider going the route of a hot swappable paralleled pack as I dont really want to build up the voltage on the pack dynamically.

    Could you possibly…