• LTC4332

     Can you connect a master running on 3.3v for VCC and VL to a slave running on 5V for VCC and VL?   I  have found that I  can transmit to the slave fine,  but do not receive anything back at the master.  Link status is good on both ends.

  • LTC4332 - Problem with SS3


    I'm trying to use LTC4332 SPI range extender with a default configuration.

    I juste try to send the same packet with SS1, SS2 or SS3 select (one at a  time), it work fine with SS1 and SS2 but for SS3 it only works around 20% of the time.

    The SS3…

  • LTC4332 - recovering from link loss

    I'm trying to use LTC4332 SPI range extender with a non-default configuration - that is 16 bit word length and (0,1) SPI mode. 

    After programming the configuration registers with appropriate values, the link seems to work.  However, if I disconnect…

  • LTC4332 SS1-3 Pins


    I am trying to use 2 LTC4332 ICs at default configuration. Do I need to use SS1-3 pins on the local side? Can I just simply connect them to GND or VL? Also when trying to send data to remote side, SSC pin of the IC is set to high. This is correct…

  • LTC4332 Is Slave Select (SSx) independent of SCK


    I would like to use one of the slave select signals as a general purpose digital output (on the slave side) without a SPI data transfer in the same way that the CTRL pin can be used on the LTC4331 (I2C slave extender) LTC4331 DS page 16, Control.

    Is this…

  • RE: LTC4332 - How to connect multiple remote slaves


    That is an interesting question. 

    You understand correctly that the LTC4332 does not support multidrop networks. The protocol only supports communication between a local and remote LTC4332.

    The remote LTC4332 does have 3 chip select outputs integrated…