• LTC4331 isolator uses transformer or capacitor, how to calculate?

    Hello Sir

    LTC4331 specification provides isolation circuit

    How to calculate?

    Why transformer applications, series resistors must be added to the A and B pins on each side of the link. Use resistor values from 25Ω to 50Ω?

    capacitive isolation…

  • LTC4331 Eval board about REMOTE DEMO CIRCUIT


    I would like to use LTC4331.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.


    I am trying to experiment with the LTC4331 evaluation board.
    “REMOTE DEMO CIRCUIT” in Figure 1 of the user guide, but no information…

  • LTC4331 Eval Board

    I'd like to evaluate LTC4331, is there any evaluation board availble now?

    Thank you!

  • RE: LTC4331 Eval Board

    Hi Jason,

    currently i am using LTC4331 IC for temperature Measurement in system but the I2C is not communicating....if sensor direly connecting to system is working fine through I2C is not working...if have a Evaluation Document in LTC4331 is very helpful…

  • RE: Can it be used with the LTC6820 without a transformer?

    Hi Uboti, 

    I can answer Q2. The LTC4332 requires 2 twisted pairs, half-duplex operation isn't possible. If the application can change to I2C, the LTC4331 requires only a single twisted pair. 



  • LTC4332 Is Slave Select (SSx) independent of SCK


    I would like to use one of the slave select signals as a general purpose digital output (on the slave side) without a SPI data transfer in the same way that the CTRL pin can be used on the LTC4331 (I2C slave extender) LTC4331 DS page 16, Control.

    Is this…

  • RE: LTC4310 Over long distances

    Hi Liam, 

    You should have an FAE available to contact directly, and I would advise to reach out to them.

    The LTC4310 won't be for longer distances. The LTC4331 and the LT3960 would be the recommended options for sending an I2C signal over a 5m (and longer…

  • RE: LT4310-2 multi-drop application


    Not with the LTC4310. But the LT3960 would do it for multidrop. The LTC4331 would be a very good option also, but for point to point only. 



  • RE: LTC4310 question

    Hi mhanuel, 

    The LTC4310 work as a pair. There are two, and only two LTC4310 devices on a transformer. The link between LTC4310 devices cannot be shared by additional devices.

    There can be two(or more) parallel sets, with the local LTC4310 devices talking…