• LTC4331 PoDL

    HI All,

    can you tell is it possible to couple DC power to the LTC4331 twisted pair in order to supply the I2C slave ?

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  • RE: LTC4331 Termination Resistor

    Hi Kazu,

      you can use either resistor value.


  • CTRL pin on LTC4331


    The CTRL pin is described as controlling the remote from the local. What does the local control?

    I'm using the local and the remote CTRL pins open. Is there any problem?



  • LTC4331: repetitive slave side faults

    Hello there,

    We are using the LTC4331 in our equipment, but randomly, our master receives NACK signals after sending a slave address. These slave addresses has been correctly acknowledged over few previous transactions, and the problem is manufacturer…

  • Question about Link Rate of LTC4331


    Is the I2C link rate limited by the SCL frequency?

    I am thinking of setting the link rate to 500kHz or 1MHz with the SCL frequency = 400kHz.

    Which link rate (500kHz or 1MHz) is better?



  • LTC4331, remote I2C interface doesn't respond


    I'm experimenting with the LTC4331 demo board, with my own uproc board. My setup is:

    uproc <===> local LTC4331 <===> cable <===> remote LTC4331 <===> EEPROM

    program is simple: continuously reading from (remote) EEPROM,…

  • RE: Unexpected behavior of LTC4331

    No fix planned at this time. We will be either updating the datasheet or provide a separate errata document. The current workaround is to have your I2C driver perform a Remote Reset operation using the local ON pin in case the LTC4331 NAKs X number of…

  • Multiple LTC4331 on the same line ?


    I've readed the datasheet of the LTC4331 and I'm in a case pretty similar to the one below:

    I need sa solution like the central I2C slave but I would be more interested on having only one LTC4331.

    I would like to know if it's possible…

  • What are the supply requirements for the LTC4331?

    What are the supply requirements for the LTC4331?

  • LTC4331 Eval Board

    The new LTC4331 I2C Slave Device Extender looks like a great product.  I would like to evaluate it in my system.  Will there be a eval board available?


      - Craig