• RE: Unexpected behavior of LTC4331

    No fix planned at this time. We will be either updating the datasheet or provide a separate errata document. The current workaround is to have your I2C driver perform a Remote Reset operation using the local ON pin in case the LTC4331 NAKs X number of…

  • LTC4331 Eval Board

    The new LTC4331 I2C Slave Device Extender looks like a great product.  I would like to evaluate it in my system.  Will there be a eval board available?


      - Craig

  • LTC4331: repetitive slave side faults

    Hello there,

    We are using the LTC4331 in our equipment, but randomly, our master receives NACK signals after sending a slave address. These slave addresses has been correctly acknowledged over few previous transactions, and the problem is manufacturer…

  • LTC4331 Eval Board

    I'd like to evaluate LTC4331, is there any evaluation board availble now?

    Thank you!

  • RE: LTC4331 Eval Board

    Hi Jason,

    currently i am using LTC4331 IC for temperature Measurement in system but the I2C is not communicating....if sensor direly connecting to system is working fine through I2C is not working...if have a Evaluation Document in LTC4331 is very helpful…

  • Multiple LTC4331 on the same line ?


    I've readed the datasheet of the LTC4331 and I'm in a case pretty similar to the one below:

    I need sa solution like the central I2C slave but I would be more interested on having only one LTC4331.

    I would like to know if it's possible…

  • LTC4331 Eval board about REMOTE DEMO CIRCUIT


    I would like to use LTC4331.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.


    I am trying to experiment with the LTC4331 evaluation board.
    “REMOTE DEMO CIRCUIT” in Figure 1 of the user guide, but no information…

  • What are the supply requirements for the LTC4331?

    What are the supply requirements for the LTC4331?

  • LTC4331 isolator uses transformer or capacitor, how to calculate?

    Hello Sir

    LTC4331 specification provides isolation circuit

    How to calculate?

    Why transformer applications, series resistors must be added to the A and B pins on each side of the link. Use resistor values from 25Ω to 50Ω?

    capacitive isolation…

  • RE: LTC4310 question

    Hi mhanuel, 

    The LTC4310 work as a pair. There are two, and only two LTC4310 devices on a transformer. The link between LTC4310 devices cannot be shared by additional devices.

    There can be two(or more) parallel sets, with the local LTC4310 devices talking…