• About clamp diode using LTC4292


    The "Surge Protection" section of LTC4292 data sheet P34 states that S1B should be used as the clamp diode.

    I think it is possible to replace it with an equivalent product to S1B, but please tell me the parameters to be careful when…

  • the LTC4292 Issue


    i's working on a device that should have two ports PoE Type 2 (IEEE Compliant Output).

    I would like to use the LTC4292 PSE  for my design but I'm confused if could be the right one.

    does this IC must be connected to 4 PoE or we can connect…

  • LTSpice model for LTC4292


    I would like to simulate the LTC4292 PSE controller for my project, but I couldn't find the model for it (.lib).

    what should I do to add it to my library ?

    thank you,

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  • LTC4291-1 & LTC4292 Issue


    We are using LTC4291-1 and LTC4292 in our PSE application. While connecting the the PD through LAN I don't get output. Gate pin stays low always. Below waveform (10x) is the one I'm getting on OUT1A when connecting PD. When PD is not connected…

  • ltc4292 cable surge protect circuit

    Hi  power by linear

    I have design LTC4292-1/LTC4292 for IEEE802.3bt PSE switch and it also design cable surge protect circuit. (like DC2685 / R35,D1 but no D5 insert)

    now we has found that the R35(10ohm/1206) are fail(open) when system testing, and it…

  • LTC4292-1/LTC4291 Power supply board

    Hi , 

    Would like to know if there is a power supply evaluation board to evaluate LTC4292-1/LTC4291.

    We are planning to use bt 71.3E x 4 port which adds to 200 + watts.

    Please let me know if there any Power supply board from analog device to evalute all…

  • About the detection method of LTC4291-1 & LTC4292


    I am considering the LTC4291-1 & LTC4292 chipsets.

    PD may be detected correctly in auto mode, and PD may be erroneously detected in semi-automatic mode.

    Specifically, it is judged as Class 4 etc. even though Class 8 is connected.

    This can be…

  • LTC4291-1/LTC4292 Inter-chip Communication Error

    Hello team,

    When LTC4291-1/LTC4292 Inter-chip Communication got an error due to effect of noise, will they be reset ?

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  • Isolated Serial I/O of LTC4291-1/LTC4292

    Thank you for your support.

    Please let me know about LTC4292/LT4291-1

    1) Please let me know about following specification of CPD, CND, DPD, DND of LTC4291-1.
       a) Output level. 
       b) Threshold of input.

    2)According to the datasheets, Absmax of CPA,CNA,DPA…

  • With regards to MOSFET selection LTC4292 802.3bt 71.3W

    Hi , 

    Do you have any consideration when selecting external MOSFET for LTC4292 when used for 71.3W.

    We are planning to see if a BUK9M34-100E which is auto-grade can be used as an alternative to the recommended PSMN040.

    Please let me know.

    Thanking yo…