• RE: Isolated Serial I/O of LTC4291-1/LTC4292

    The interface between the LTC4292/LTC4291-1 is proprietary to ADI.  Please follow the datasheet and demo board for proper connection. 

  • RE: About the detection method of LTC4291-1 & LTC4292


    What PD are you testing with the LTC4291-1/LTC4292? Is this related to your earlier question here? https://ez.analog.com/power/f/q-a/538676/semi-automatic-mode-operation-of-ltc4291-1-ltc4291

    In Auto mode, the PSE will detect, classify, and power…

  • the LTC4292 Issue


    i's working on a device that should have two ports PoE Type 2 (IEEE Compliant Output).

    I would like to use the LTC4292 PSE  for my design but I'm confused if could be the right one.

    does this IC must be connected to 4 PoE or we can connect…

  • LTC4291-1/LTC4292 Inter-chip Communication Error

    Hello team,

    When LTC4291-1/LTC4292 Inter-chip Communication got an error due to effect of noise, will they be reset ?

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  • LTSpice model for LTC4292


    I would like to simulate the LTC4292 PSE controller for my project, but I couldn't find the model for it (.lib).

    what should I do to add it to my library ?

    thank you,

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  • LTC4291-1 & LTC4292 Issue


    We are using LTC4291-1 and LTC4292 in our PSE application. While connecting the the PD through LAN I don't get output. Gate pin stays low always. Below waveform (10x) is the one I'm getting on OUT1A when connecting PD. When PD is not connected…

  • ltc4292 cable surge protect circuit

    Hi  power by linear

    I have design LTC4292-1/LTC4292 for IEEE802.3bt PSE switch and it also design cable surge protect circuit. (like DC2685 / R35,D1 but no D5 insert)

    now we has found that the R35(10ohm/1206) are fail(open) when system testing, and it…

  • LTC4292-1/LTC4291 Power supply board

    Hi , 

    Would like to know if there is a power supply evaluation board to evaluate LTC4292-1/LTC4291.

    We are planning to use bt 71.3E x 4 port which adds to 200 + watts.

    Please let me know if there any Power supply board from analog device to evalute all…

  • About LED lighting when the port of LTC4292 is not connected


    I have a question about the LTC4292.

    When connected to another port and detected, the LED of the port that is not connected lights up.

    Specifically, it lights up even though the Out1A LED of Port1 is not connected.

    It occurs in both Auto mode and…

  • RE: Use LTC4291-1 & LTC4292 DC2685B-KIT test Sifos AT result.

    The LTC4292/LTC4291-1 is an 802.3bt, 4-Pair PSE controller.  The DC2685B-KIT features this PSE controller.  The 802.3at specifies 2-pair PoE power.  Please test the DC28685B-KIT with the Sifos 4-Pair Test Suite for 802.3bt 4-Pair PSEs.