• RE: About the detection method of LTC4291-1 & LTC4292


    What PD are you testing with the LTC4291-1/LTC4292? Is this related to your earlier question here? https://ez.analog.com/power/f/q-a/538676/semi-automatic-mode-operation-of-ltc4291-1-ltc4291

    In Auto mode, the PSE will detect, classify, and power…

  • LTC4292-1/LTC4291 Power supply board

    Hi , 

    Would like to know if there is a power supply evaluation board to evaluate LTC4292-1/LTC4291.

    We are planning to use bt 71.3E x 4 port which adds to 200 + watts.

    Please let me know if there any Power supply board from analog device to evalute all…

  • LTC4291-1/LTC4292 doesn't get the output power

    Hi ,

    My question seems LTC4291-1 doesn't work well.

    So I check the LTC4291-1 whether it is fail or ok by I2C read back. 

    I have tried to read the register by MCU I2C ,but it shows I2C not ack.(Please see the attached picture)

    I have tried auto pin…

  • LTC4291-1/LTC4292 about power recovery after power cut off


    My customer is considering PoE LTC4291-1 and LTC4292 and I got questions.

    It is assumed that power is supplied to the LTC4291-1 but LTC4992 power is not supplied (cut off) and after that power is recovery.
    In this case, what kind of operation does…

  • Use LTC4291-1 & LTC4292 DC2685B-KIT test Sifos AT result.


    Q1.Why use DC2685B-KIT EVB cann't pass Sifos AT test.

    Q2.Why the Maximum Class Current and Low Current Threshold standards are just below the standard 1mA.

    Thank you.

  • LT4294/95 & LTC4291-1/92 Demo Board Pre-test Report

    Dear All:

    I need the following demo board for IEEE 802.3bt protocols and electrical characteristics pre test report. Can you give us a reference??

    LT4295 Demo Board: P/N: DC2584A-A :https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/evaluation-hardware-and-software…

  • LT4295 & LTC4291-1/92 EVM pre-test report AF/AT/BT

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please share LT4295 & LTC4291-1/92 EVM pre-test report for AF/AT/BT ? 

    About BT standard, We'd like know that, the testing/verification method ? if use LT4295 or LTC4291-1/92 

    Please kindly help&advise it.


  • LTC4291 - GUI keeps getting stuck and can't recognize PSE at all


    I downloaded the GUI from your website but it keeps crushing down and getting stuck. 

    Plus, in the few times that I did managed to get the GUI running' it didn't recognize the PSE at all.

    Thank you 

  • Questions about the optimal design that can design 8 port 802.3bt Class8 using LTC4291-1 & LTC4292

    Customer wants to develop 8 ports of PSE with LTC4291-1 and LTC4292.

    When configuring 8 ports with 4-Pair (802.3bt Class8-71W), please let the customer know how designing can minimize the price.

    ex) 2* (LTC4291-1 & LTC4292) = 8 port (4 pair) =>…

  • 关于DC590连接DC2685的Demo板,无法检测到PSE设备;POE使用的方案是LTC4291-1-LTC4292方案;

    • 1. LTC4291-1如果不工作,PC机通过DC590连接到Demo板是否就提示连接不到PSE;
    • 2.LTC4291-1通过变压器与LTC4292进行通信,但是用示波器测波形,没有任何信号,是否变压器问题;