• RE: Enquiry related LTC4271/ LTC4290 PSE controller

    Hi Eric

    Thanks for response.

    I am working on LT3748 flyback controller to design supply for LTC4290.

    I have studied datasheet but haven't found any reference to design PoE supply.

    We have input supply range from 6-36V but 12V/24V is fixed input supply…

  • LTC4290 design and the IEEE 802.3bt compatibility

    We have a two years old 4 port LTPoE++ (LTC4290A, first four ports) design based on the DC1843B demonstration kit.

    Is it possible to modify this existing hardware (e.g.: by simply changing the LTC4290A to a LTC4292) to get a fully IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) Type…

  • LT3753+LT8311 for PSE LTC4290/71 Input Power


    Is there any reference design for this?

    Or any else reference data?

    I have a spec from input 12V->54V/250W for LTC4290/71 input isolated power.

    I'm appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot.

  • POE LTC4271/LTC4290 -SR-70860-Q5B2L

    We have finished new board which is 24 POE PSE port and contains   3 xLTC4271/LTC4290. We are monitoring all registers via I2C.

    When we try to plug Ethernet cable to deliver power to the PD device, we  encountered Rsig too Low.


    I also share with you…

  • LTC4266 detect function in auto mode ?

    Hi, all,

    good day!

    I meet a question, it is "how many detect function when LTC4266 work in auto mode ?" 

    My customer got some information of micro semi PD69204 from micro semi FAE..

    He says PD69104 has Current and power detection when IC…


    Hi ducdao,

    Apologies for late response. Please see this attached document: