• Increasing the current limit setting for LTC4281 in LTspice

    The LTC4281 part has the ability to change the current limit by adjusting the sense voltage throughout the ILIM_ADJUST register. I wanted to check my circuit with an increased ILIM value with the maximum sense voltage setting of 34.4mV (ILIM_ADJUST register…

  • LTC4281

    Good evening,

    Kindly assist to correct my understanding on the date code.

    8G : Year & month = 2018 July

    2K : Year & month = 2002 or 2012??? November

    Anybody can share the nomenclature of the package marking please. 

    Thanks for your kind support…

  • LTC4281 I2C Mode Speed

    Can the LTC4281 operate in standard I2C communications mode at 100 kbits/s?


  • PCN of LTC4281

    Kindly advise how to retrieve PCN for LTC4281. Thanks.

  • LTC4281 EEPROM problem


    we have a problem with LTC4281. In EEPROM stored 0x55, 0xAA, 0x55, 0xAA ..... values, and it can not be changed over i2c.

    RAM registers are changing after i2c transactions by MCU just fine, but EEPROM registers ignore it.

    We checked WP pin, it…

  • LTC4281 - EEPROM Programming through Microcontroller


    We have implemented a circuit with LTC4281 for +3.3V raw power (from backplane) Controlling, monitoring, voltage/current sensing.

    The chip will be soldered in our board without programming.

    How to program the chip during first power on?

    We have no…