• LTC4279高温无输出?



  • LTC4279 RPM abnormal setting


    if LTC4279 RPM is in a abnormal state.

    Like Open/Short/Out of window.

    What will happen?

    If the fuse is necessary for the safety certificate?

    Thanks a lot.

    Please kindly help with this.

  • LTC4279 Demo circuit


    We included the DC2541 in our design & currently testing it. We are injecting voltage externally. But we see that the voltage clamps due to some reason. Of course we checked the impedances for the pins 9 & 4. Please provide some debug tips on the…

  • LTC4279、LT4293输出波形问题

    使用LTC4279做PSE端48V供电,LT4293做PD端,连接后测量VPP和VPN两端电压发现如下图波形,之后一直是如此循环状态是什么原因? ,PSE原理图如下图所示 ,PD原理图如下图所示

  • LTC4279 Ultra Power Mode, LT4276

    To whom may it concern

    Hi, I'm HS.

    LTC4279 datasheet specifies ultra power mode regarding 'custom pd'.

    I wonder what 'custom pd' specifically mean with respect to LT4279.

    It'd be lovely if you enlighten me how to design the custom…

  • PD Design Query for UltraPWR Mode of LTC4279


    My customer wants to implement PoE system up to 123W using the LTC4279's UltraPWR mode.

    However, ADI's PD devices only support up to 90W(LT4275, LT4276, LT4293...).

    Could you please provide reference material for a PD design that supports 123W…

  • LTC4279 MOSFET selection

    Is there any other MOSFET that can be used as the external switch with an LTC4279 PoE PSE controller?  The data sheet strongly pushes the Nexperia PSMN075-100MSE and PSMN040-100MSE as the only choices, and they're out of stock worldwide for 6 to 16 months…

  • RE: LT4279 MOSFET Alternative STL30N10F7


    STL30N10F7's SOA has not been tested for PoE applications, but looking at the curve in the datasheet it does not seem like a good choice. What power level are you targeting in this application with the LTC4279? Based on power level, I may be…

  • RE: [LTPoE LT4293] Implementation and configuration when LT4293 works Ultramode

    Hi HS,

    UltraPWR is a specific mode of the LTC4279. It should only be used in a closed system. It will aggressively power any valid PDs, and it will set the current limit to 2950mA typical. The LT4293 will identify an LTC4279 in UltraPWR mode as an LTPoE…

  • LTC4269-1 with cisco switch Catalyst 2960 series


    Does LTC4269-1 support LLDP protocol?

    We have encounter a issue with cisco switches.

    please see below handshaking waveform. Seems abnormal but power on and get only af power.

    However, it's function well with LTC4279 detection, classification, power…