• LTC4271 Date Code


    We have some LTC4271 parts with date code 1209.

    What is the date code format for these parts? YYWW or WWYY or yet another format?

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  • RE: LTC4271 programming.

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  • POE LTC4271

    Hi team

    This is a question about LTC4271.
    There is a register description in the datasheet as shown below.


    Register Description
    For information on serial bus usage and device…

  • RE: Enquiry related LTC4271/ LTC4290 PSE controller

    Hi Pallavi,

    You can use a non-isolated supply to derive 3.3V from the PoE's 48V rail as long as those circuits do not connect to the chassis ground or any external connectors aside for an Ethernet cable. Usually the LTC4271 and other digital circuits…

  • LTC4271 Detection Status Bits

    LTC4271 Software Interface文件中,

    針對Port Status的描述中,

    其Table3的[2:0=7]描述和Register map的描述是不一樣的.

    請教在detect bit為 111 (7) 的時候,正確的結果是什麼呢?


  • RE: POE LTC4271/LTC4290 -SR-70860-Q5B2L

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: LTC4266 Fault Delay time issue

    ADI PoE PSE software files are available for request on Analog’s Software Request Form (http://analog.com/srf).  Fill in the Software Recipient Information and Commercial Information.  In the Software Requested section, select Power over Ethernet…
  • RE: Does ADI PSE support LLDP protocol for classification

    Hi Ken,

    A PSE, referring to the entire device or switch, may declare the availability of high power by performing a multiple-event Physical Layer Classification using voltage pulses, or with Data Link Layer Classification (DLL), using data packets. PSE…

  • RE: LTC4290 design and the IEEE 802.3bt compatibility

    The LTC4291-1/LTC4292 chipset is specifically for IEEE 802.3bt 4-pair power.  In this system, 2 power channels drive the 4 Ethernet pairs. A properly implemented LTPoE++ PSE will have a single power channel driving the 4 pairs.  These are two different implementations…

  • RE: Artwork of LT4270

    Hi Damon,

    Can you confirm the circumstances of the test you described? Is this a Class 4 power allocation that is drawing the 600mA / 620mA? This is right up to the maximum of the specification. The LTC4270/LTC4271 will cut off the current when it senses…