• About the configuration of LTC4267-3


    I have a question of LTC4267-3.
    Could I use output what is 24V and 13W by LTC4267-3 without optcoupler(same as Figure11).

    Best regards

  • About problem of LTC4267-3

    Could you tell me about connection of PWRPD of LTC4267-3.
    Customer has made board nearly to non opto design of DC1249A.

    DC1249 and customer board is difference that Customer has used pull up 10kΩ resistance between PWRPG and PVcc and D8 is 7.5V zener diode…

  • LTC4267

    Hi All,

    I'm working on a Class 2 POE design simulation in LTSpice.

    For temperature sweep, the simulation is taking so long time and it's almost endless.
    What could be the reason for that?? or Is there any other method to do thermal simulation??

  • RE: POE with LTC4267-1

    Hi Eric 

    Thanks for your reply.


    Unfortunately i can't find the MOC211M ...
    During this time I redesigned the board and set the output voltage to 5V.
    I have some improvements there but the circuit still doesn't work.
    In input I have the correct…

  • LTC4267-1 PoE Current limitation


    Current Sense Resistor Consideration:

    Please provide any info telling relation between Rsense and ITH/RUN voltage. i.e. ITH/RUN voltage the nominal voltage
    range is 0.7V to 1.9V and RSENSE

    I want to use it in Class 0 (13W , 5V@2.6)

    I am following…

  • ltc4267 PoE - Current limit

    Hi all,

    We have designed a board with LTC4267 POE PD controller as per the reference design https://www.analog.com/media/en/reference-design-documentation/design-notes/dn361f.pdf

    However we want to limit the current to 200mA, as our device does not consume…

  • LTC4267

    Hi ADI Team,

    We are designing the POE schematic according to the LTC4267 datasheet guidelines for 5V output.Please review and  let us know the feedback.

    Note:We followed as per the reference design https://www.analog.com/media/en/reference-design-documentation…

  • LTC4267

    Hello everyone,

    I am in search of LTC4267 PSpice model  for my POE switch.

    Where can i get it?

  • RE: DC981A/B

    The input voltage range you specify falls below what is allowed for IEEE 802.3af compliance and is below the minimum LTC4263 V_SUPPLY.  Refer to the LTC4263 datasheet Electrical Characteristics for V_SUPPLY voltage range.  A PD interface controller for the…

  • LTC4367 1A load issue


    I am using LTC4267 IC as a over voltage protection device. I have set the over voltage to 36v and the device is working fine. I have given a load of 1A. I have given 28v supply and 100V supply using diodes ORing circuit such that

    1. If 28V is ON…