• RE: LTC4266 schematic check

    Good Day Kencheng,

    There is a problem with the current schematic. Because with both pins VEE and DGND connected to their respective grounds, the minimum allowable digital ground offset is not satisfied. There should be a minimum of 25V between those two…

  • LTC4266 Fault Delay time


       For the application of ltc4266, I need to change the fault delay time which is from icut fault to next detect to 10 seconds. How should I set it? Is it from the register?

    thank you!

  • LTC4266 test on sifos


    We have a issue when LTC4266 test on sifos in auto mode .

    PWRUP_time / PWR-On_Rise_time_Trise. The result is 14us<15us (Low Limit) in Af (15.4W Test)

    We try increase Cin with no impact.

    Does there any other method to lower down the rise time?…

  • Initial failed for LTC4266

    Our customer to this initial program needed,but cannot be used PSE port.

    Could you help me to check this.

    Thank you!

    format:"pse w register value"

    pse w 0x1A 0x90
    pse w 0x01 0xFF
    pse w 0x12 0xAA
    pse w 0x13 0x0F
    pse w 0x17 0xC0
    pse w 0x44…

  • LTC4266 and POE specs info


    I am designing a carrier board with 16 POE PSE channels in addition with 4*4 ports marvell 88E1548 phy. For the moment, i don't know if the distant devices will draw more than 12.95W so i considered the LTC4266 POE+ PSE as a start.

    I have read…

  • LTC4266 detect function in auto mode ?

    Hi, all,

    good day!

    I meet a question, it is "how many detect function when LTC4266 work in auto mode ?" 

    My customer got some information of micro semi PD69204 from micro semi FAE..

    He says PD69104 has Current and power detection when IC…

  • register value for LTC4266 90W mode

    Dear ADI-er.

    Why the vlaue is different two cases(Code & Picture)?

    Plz help me.

    PortHandler.c of SemiAutoHost_LTPoE++_4266_v1p7p1_Apr_09_2012.zip

       switch(class) {
          case CLASS_1:   cut = 0xC6; lim = 0x80; break; // CUT=112mA; LIM=425mA
          case CLASS_2: 

  • Serial Control Interface commands for LTC4266

    Hi Engineer Zone,

    Our customer need software user manual

    (P/N:LTC4266) to understand the Serial Control Interface commands

    Thank you!

  • LTC4266 IC is damaging repeatedly in our product

    We have designed a PoE module using LTC4266 IC and recently we have been observing that LTC4266 IC is burning after running for some time.

    Suggestions and comments are highly appriciated

    Attached schematics for reference


  • RE: PSE and Gigabit ethernet switch reference design

    And for the PSE, you could use an LTC4266C or LTC4266. See our DC1366B evaluation kit.

    Best Regards,