• LTC4234 seemingly random turn-offs


    We use an LTC4234 as hot-swap controller for a card powered at 5V DC nominal. The maximum current it can draw is in the order of 16A. The output load capacitance is 900uF in three groups of  300 uF (220uF polymer electrolytic + 8x10uF ceramic),…

  • LTC4234

    Is it possible to use the Gate pin of LTC4234 to drive an external NMOS in order to achieve reverse supply protection?

  • LTC4234 reverse current protection

    Hi team - 


    I am looking for 12V Hot swap solutions with below features .

    1. Forward current limiting
    2. Reverse current block
    3. Over voltage protection
    4. Over current protection /short circuit protection .
    5. Adjustable current limit  


    I prefer to use integrated…