• Reference circuit for LTC4215


    We are using ADM1278 hot swap controller in our server board schematic. PFA schematic page for reference. But due to the unavailability of ADM1278, we need to find an alternate. We are considering LTC4215 since it is in stock and has similar functionality…

  • LTC4215 I2C (minimum SCL frequency)


    The table in datasheet says that minimum SCL frequency is 400kHz (see table on page 5).
    I care if that true because planned to use LTC4215 on the same bus with other device which can support I2C standard mode only (100kHZ maximum).


  • LTC4215 issue


    LTC4215IUFD # PBF is used for hot-swap management, external power supply is 12V (VCC12V) , after N-mos (IRF7413) for the back-end Buck circuit to generate 4V power for the system. The production of 100 pieces, there have been 10 pieces of suspected…

  • LTC4215芯片损坏问题

    目前在做项目使用了LTC4215IUFD#PBF用作热插拔管理,外部供电为12v (VCC12V_VPX),经过N-mos(IRF7413)后为后端buck电路供电生成4v电为系统使用。



    1. pin1 (UV…

  • LTC4215 & QuikEval


    I want to connect my LTC4215 circuit to Quikeval software to do some debug.

    If I do this via the DC590, Quikeval needs to determine what eval board is connected, and of course there isn't one.

    Is there a way to run Qukeval where I can get to the L…