• LTC4215 issue


    LTC4215IUFD # PBF is used for hot-swap management, external power supply is 12V (VCC12V) , after N-mos (IRF7413) for the back-end Buck circuit to generate 4V power for the system. The production of 100 pieces, there have been 10 pieces of suspected…

  • LTC4215 & QuikEval


    I want to connect my LTC4215 circuit to Quikeval software to do some debug.

    If I do this via the DC590, Quikeval needs to determine what eval board is connected, and of course there isn't one.

    Is there a way to run Qukeval where I can get to the L…

  • LTC4215 I2C (minimum SCL frequency)


    The table in datasheet says that minimum SCL frequency is 400kHz (see table on page 5).
    I care if that true because planned to use LTC4215 on the same bus with other device which can support I2C standard mode only (100kHZ maximum).


  • LTC4215芯片损坏问题

    目前在做项目使用了LTC4215IUFD#PBF用作热插拔管理,外部供电为12v (VCC12V_VPX),经过N-mos(IRF7413)后为后端buck电路供电生成4v电为系统使用。



    1. pin1 (UV…