• LTC4162-S not recognizing missing battery

    If we power up our system with battery installed and then remove the battery we cannot seem to detect missing battery.   It appears to remain within the cc_cv_charge state.    The battery voltage continues to measure 6.5 volts.  There is a 10uF cap hanging…

  • LTC4162-S battery charge issue


    We are designing a product which has a built in battery and it can also use an external power supply. We are using the LTC4162-S IC, but we have an issue with the battery charging part. We have used this IC in another project and it was working…

  • LTC4162-S (DEMO DC2038A) Simulated Temperature Adjustment


    I have a LTC4162-S DEMO (DC2038A) board and GUI. In the user manual for the DC2038A, on page 5 under the NTC Thermistor Measurement section it says "When the JP3 is set to EMULATE, the NTC connections are routed to an on-board electronic potentiaometer…

  • LTC4162-S H/W ,S/W Design Files

    Dear All:

    I need LTC4162-S design files ,Ex: demo board Schematic ,Gerber ,BOM ,PCB Layout design file & user Guild Another need S/W coding data ,thanks

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  • LTC4162-S issue

    Dear Sir,

    I have two question about the LTC4162-S as below.

    1. I download the latest the QuikEval and try to connect the DC2038A-H via the Micro USB port, but the USB driver is not found by PC. Could you please tell us how to setup the DC2038A-H with QuikEval…

  • LTC4162-S Design Question


         I would like to ask about the voltage accuracy and current accuracy of the LTC4162-S, and what are the requirements for controlling the mcu of the LTC4162-S? My initial choice is STM8S0003F3U6TR, mainly due to the size and function and cost, and the recommended frequency of my specificat…

  • LTC4162-S Thermistors Question

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    LTC4162-S datasheet page 28 Figure 4. slow TEMPERATURE (°C) & ERROR (°C)  ,If my 10k β=3988  how to calculate Figure 4 chart ,can you relevant this information to me. thanks




    I used the LTC4162-S to charge a 6-cell lead acid battery.
    However, registers 0x35 and 0x36 are always in charger_off and battery_detection when in use.

    In which cases will the register be like this?

    Some register information and some of my schematics…

  • LTC4162-S Battery Reverse Connection


    Does LTC4162-S Battery charger has the reverse battery connection protection? Or do we need to take care of battery polarity externally?

    What will happen if battery is connected reverse polarity? Does IC get damage?

  • LTC4162-S Vin Current Sense


    I plan to use the LTC4162-S without the primary path current sense function.

    As I will not use any current-sense resistor between CLP and CLN, can I just connect CLP to CLN or do they still need the connection to VoutA as well in order for the circuit…