• Application for demo of LTC 4162-s


           I have a project that needs to charge 24V lead-acid batteries. I saw the chip LTC4162-S. I want to apply for the DEMO board LTC4162-S. I don't see the relevant links on the official website. I want to consult how to apply, and…

  • Calculation Of Input Capacitance And Output Capacitance Of LTC4162-S

    Hello, I would like to ask the calculation formula of the input capacitance and output capacitance of the LTC4162-S. My project uses the 32V input of ltc4162-s to charge the 24V lead-acid battery. I would like to ask the input of the LTC4162-S. Capacitance…
  • LTC4162-S Design Question


         I would like to ask about the voltage accuracy and current accuracy of the LTC4162-S, and what are the requirements for controlling the mcu of the LTC4162-S? My initial choice is STM8S0003F3U6TR, mainly due to the size and function and cost, and the recommended frequency of my specificat…

  • LTC4162-S Thermistors Question

    Dear All:

    LTC4162-S datasheet page 28 Figure 4. slow TEMPERATURE (°C) & ERROR (°C)  ,If my 10k β=3988  how to calculate Figure 4 chart ,can you relevant this information to me. thanks


  • RE: LTC4162-S H/W ,S/W Design Files

    Hello zack

    Can you please send me a private message with the gerber and pcb design of the LTC4162-S?

  • RE: multi LTC4162 to single battery

    Hi Frank,

    If you won't be power limited by the LTC4162's 3.2A charge current limit, you could just wire them in parallel and input them to a single LTC4162. Otherwise, I see no reason that you could not hook up multiple LTC4162's to the same battery.…

  • RE: LTC4162-S Battery Reverse Connection

    Hello Zack,
              my project just uses the LTC4162-S to charge the 24V lead-acid battery. Can you explain the specific explanation?
  • RE: LTC4162-L


    The folders refer to each LTC4162 variant.

    If you are using LTC4162-LAD, you would use the LTC4162-LAD folder. If you are using LTC4162-L41, you would use the LTC4162-L41 folder, etc.

    Note that LTC4162-L is not an orderable part number. Refer to…



    I used the LTC4162-S to charge a 6-cell lead acid battery.
    However, registers 0x35 and 0x36 are always in charger_off and battery_detection when in use.

    In which cases will the register be like this?

    Some register information and some of my schematics…

  • RE: LTC4162 EVB and Design Files

    Hello Zack,

      can you share with me the layout diagram of LTC4162-S, I want to draw a PCB diagram to evaluate your company's chip. Our project is evaluating whether to use your company's chip.