• RE: LTC4162 EVB and Design Files

    Any updates on when the LTC4162 evaluation board will be available? We are looking to incorporate the LTC4162-L, but it would be nice to get an eval board to do some testing before we implement it in our project.

  • LTC4162-L battery detection issue

    I use LTC4162-L but it don't work, the module is stuck in battery detection test.

    Some how, from time to time it is unstuck from battery detection test to cc_cv_charge, vin_uvcl  and no-rt. So it don't charge my battery as well.
    I read on…
  • LTC4162-L recommend DVcc connection

    What is the recommendation for DVcc.

    Can I leave this unpowered?

    The Data Sheet states that SCL/SDA must be high when the bus is npt in use.

    But a post on the forum suggests they can be left floating.

    Can they be pulled to DVcc and DVcc be powered down…

  • RE: The LTC4162-L has been damaged in 8s Li-ion Pack

    Hi Maoxin,

    The LTC4162-L is a fine choice for this app if you can adequately protect from transients.

    Otherwise, you might consider LTC4013 which is a 60V part.


  • RE: Battery Charge Controller for Solar Power

    Hi Pauline,

    Yes, LTC4162 is probably the best choice for your application if your desired charge current is 3.2A or less. Otherwise, you might consider LTC4015.

    The suffix to the LTC4162 part number denotes the battery chemistry type that it supports…

  • RE: Solar panel charger that works without a battery or discharged battery

    Hi Emilija,

    I might actually recommend LTC4162-L. It has a dynamic tracking MPPT algorithm that will regulate your solar panel at the max power point at any illumination level. The charge current goes up to 3.2A max, so if that works for you then it may…

  • RE: LTC4162-SAD Demo Circuit 2038A Programming problem

    Hi Zack

    Firstly, thanks for picking this up.

    So, If I am understanding this correctly, I have an LTC4162-SAD PCB, so therefore to modify the onboard firmware I should use the Mzero  project (located in the SDK an LTC4162>c_code>examples>dc2038a>THC4162…

  • LTC4162无法启用DC2038A GUI

    I have an arduino with a firmware of LTC416 SDK, I want to restore the default firmware with the LTC4162 GUI now.

    First,I have completed the installation of the QuikEval .

    I do not find the "em4162.exe"in the folder:C:\Program Files (x86)\LTC\LTC4162…

  • RE: LTC4162-L(DC2038A) QuikEval测试环境构建问题

    Hi Zack

    I'm a little confused. You mean that I do not need to download any firmware of LTC4162 if the controller is a new arduino?

    In other words, which version is the default firmware of DC2038A in the LTC4162 SDK?



  • Request Reference Information for 'I2C Adjustable Voltage' on LTC4162-LAD


    Excerpt from LTC4162-L.pdf

    -------------------  ------------  ----------------------
    LTC4162EUFD-LAD#PBF  4162A I2C     Adjustable Voltage
    LTC4162EUFD-L40#PBF  4162B 4.0V    Fixed Voltage
    LTC4162EUFD-L41#PBF  4162C…