• RE: LTC4162-S (DEMO DC2038A) Simulated Temperature Adjustment

    Hi Michael,

    That is supported actually, but you are using LTC4162-S which does not have a JEITA function. If you were using LTC4162-L or LTC4162-F you would see the JEITA tab. Otherwise, it is hidden (the demo manual does mention that it is hidden for…

  • RE: LTC4162 EVB and Design Files

    Any updates on when the LTC4162 evaluation board will be available? We are looking to incorporate the LTC4162-L, but it would be nice to get an eval board to do some testing before we implement it in our project.

  • LTC4162-L Telemetry Data Question


    I am curious about the quality of the data from the LTC4162-L via the I2C channel. Is there enough information received to adequately fuel-gauge a battery or is an additional IC recommended? If another IC is needed, can the sense resistor be shared…

  • LTC4162-L Absorb phase, c_over_x_threshold and Vin questions.

    Hello community,

    I have three questions I got while working with LTC4162. When I have a battery connected and then, connect a power source to Vin, first it goes to absorb charge phase and then proceeds to cv_cc_charge. Absorb charge, depeding on state…

  • LTC4162-L(DC2038A) SDK compile

    Referring to the description of DC2038A, in order to build the same evaluation environment as DC2038A, ARDUINO of SAMD21 series was selected.

    In order to make QuikEval recognize ARDUINO of LTC4162-L test board, I want to download the "DC2038A"…

  • LTC4162-L battery detection issue

    I use LTC4162-L but it don't work, the module is stuck in battery detection test.

    Some how, from time to time it is unstuck from battery detection test to cc_cv_charge, vin_uvcl  and no-rt. So it don't charge my battery as well.
    I read on…
  • LTC4162-L recommend DVcc connection

    What is the recommendation for DVcc.

    Can I leave this unpowered?

    The Data Sheet states that SCL/SDA must be high when the bus is npt in use.

    But a post on the forum suggests they can be left floating.

    Can they be pulled to DVcc and DVcc be powered down…

  • RE: LTC4162(DC2038A) SDK Compile error

    This is a duplicate question (in English) of the question being answered here:


  • RE: Solar panel charger that works without a battery or discharged battery

    Hi Emilija,

    I might actually recommend LTC4162-L. It has a dynamic tracking MPPT algorithm that will regulate your solar panel at the max power point at any illumination level. The charge current goes up to 3.2A max, so if that works for you then it may…

  • RE: The LTC4162-L has been damaged in 8s Li-ion Pack

    Hi Maoxin,

    The LTC4162-L is a fine choice for this app if you can adequately protect from transients.

    Otherwise, you might consider LTC4013 which is a 60V part.