• LTC4162-L

    I am going to use LTC4162-L battery charger for my project.

    For reference, I downloaded "LTC4162 Evaluation Software" from site.

    In "LTC4162-SDK", it contains so many folders with name "LTC4162-xx" .

    Please let me know to…

  • RE: LTC4162-S (DEMO DC2038A) Simulated Temperature Adjustment

    Hi Michael,

    That is supported actually, but you are using LTC4162-S which does not have a JEITA function. If you were using LTC4162-L or LTC4162-F you would see the JEITA tab. Otherwise, it is hidden (the demo manual does mention that it is hidden for…

  • LTC4162-L

    I'm trying to create a stand alone battery charger for a single 18650 battery.

    For this I created the Schematics and PCB found here.

    But during the charging only charges with <1A (differential measured over the sense resistor <20mV/20mohm) instead…

  • LTC4162-L Battery Charger IC with MPPT

    Hello, I have a question.

    I'am designing battery charging circuit with LTC4162-L.

    The block diagram is below,

    There are three solar panels with blocking diode, 3 LTC4162-L circuit, battery management system and 2S4P li-poly battery pack.

    I just tied…

  • RE: LTC4162-L Powerpath

    Hi Erik,

    You can generally consider it an ideal diode-OR. It will select the higher of the two voltages. In most applications, that means it will select VIN when VIN is present and the battery when VIN is not present.

    If you always want the battery voltage…

  • LTC4162-L(DC2038A) SDK compile

    Referring to the description of DC2038A, in order to build the same evaluation environment as DC2038A, ARDUINO of SAMD21 series was selected.

    In order to make QuikEval recognize ARDUINO of LTC4162-L test board, I want to download the "DC2038A"…

  • LTC4162-L charging issue


    Please help me as I'm stuck!

    I use LTC4162-L to charge a lithium battery and it works great!. I had a few prototype boards and every time I solder it myself. I've been having issues with the latest boards and the design and layout is the same…

  • RE: LTC4162(DC2038A) SDK Compile error

    This is a duplicate question (in English) of the question being answered here:


  • LTC4162-L as a standalone charger.

    Hi, I have a question. Does the LTC4162-L work as a standalone unit, or does it require to be programmed? Does it have some sort of default programming built-in? If I just leave SCL and SDA pins high (Via pull-up resistors tied to INTVcc), will the chip…

  • LTC4162-L battery detection issue

    I use LTC4162-L but it don't work, the module is stuck in battery detection test.

    Some how, from time to time it is unstuck from battery detection test to cc_cv_charge, vin_uvcl  and no-rt. So it don't charge my battery as well.
    I read on…