• LTC4162-L interaction with PCM

    I have started testing bit more with the LTC4162 at long last.  I have hit a snag.  Our battery pack like many others includes a PCM on it that monitors the 4 individual cells and open circuits the battery (for discharge only) if one of the cells has dropped…

  • Q. LTC4162-L I2C connection


    I use two LTC4162-L.

    Can two LTC4162-Ls use the same I2C line?

    In other words, I want to connect two LTC4162-L to I2C of MCU.

    Please check quickly.



  • RE: LTC4162-L write register process

    Hi Jkt,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Are you currently using the demoboard, DC2038A, of the LTC4162-L? If yes, you can use the dedicated GUI for the LTC4162-L for the read and writing of registers. The DC2038A Demo Manual has the instruction on how to initialize…

  • RE: LTC4162-L 2cell without usb PD

    Hi UBOTTI,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Yes you are correct when you want to charge 2 cells of lithium-ion battery you should use a USB-PD since USB-PD voltages can go above 5V. refer to table 7 on page 34 about the cell count setting of the LTC4162-L for…

  • LTC4162-L Power Path Charge Pump issue


    I'm testing a prototype based on a LTC4162-L chip and It seems I have an issue with the power path charge pump.for both IN_FET and BAT_FET signals.
    In the DataSheet, I should have about 5V more the power voltage value (Vin/Vbat) to drive these…

  • LTC4162-L Telemetry Data Question


    I am curious about the quality of the data from the LTC4162-L via the I2C channel. Is there enough information received to adequately fuel-gauge a battery or is an additional IC recommended? If another IC is needed, can the sense resistor be shared…

  • LTC4162-L I2C read and pull_up


    I am trying to read battery voltages using LTC4162-L. I have used I2C communication for reading the values and configured only vbat register 0x3a. 

    Is there any register that i am missing out in configuration? 

    Thank you!

  • LTC4162-L Battery Detection Issue on Solar

    Hi There-

    We've been testing the LTC4162-L charger, and have come across an unusual situation related to battery detect I was hoping someone could help with. We had months of solid solar charge performance, but began to see issues when we started to work…

  • LTC4162-L MPPT enabled register problem

    Hi ,

        We try to use LTC4162-L  mppt enable chips "LTC4162EUFD-LADM#PBF" find some issues , problem as following

    1. Initialize the chips ,the register "CONFIG_BITS_REG 0x14" mppt_en bit is enable, we can't setup it to 0, and register "input_undervoltage_dac…

  • LTC4162-L charging issue


    Please help me as I'm stuck!

    I use LTC4162-L to charge a lithium battery and it works great!. I had a few prototype boards and every time I solder it myself. I've been having issues with the latest boards and the design and layout is the same…