• RE: LTC4162-L

    Hello, Mr.Zack.

    I am devemin from Japan.

    I try to make 18650-charger too.

    I asked local agency to get demo's design & PCB sample layout files in Japan, but they said that DC2038 is until not release, so I can't get these files. 

    Can you…

  • LTC4162-L Battery Charger IC with MPPT

    Hello, I have a question.

    I'am designing battery charging circuit with LTC4162-L.

    The block diagram is below,

    There are three solar panels with blocking diode, 3 LTC4162-L circuit, battery management system and 2S4P li-poly battery pack.

    I just tied…

  • RE: LTC4162 EVB and Design Files

    Any updates on when the LTC4162 evaluation board will be available? We are looking to incorporate the LTC4162-L, but it would be nice to get an eval board to do some testing before we implement it in our project.

  • LTC4162-L as a standalone charger.

    Hi, I have a question. Does the LTC4162-L work as a standalone unit, or does it require to be programmed? Does it have some sort of default programming built-in? If I just leave SCL and SDA pins high (Via pull-up resistors tied to INTVcc), will the chip…

  • LTC4162-L recommend DVcc connection

    What is the recommendation for DVcc.

    Can I leave this unpowered?

    The Data Sheet states that SCL/SDA must be high when the bus is npt in use.

    But a post on the forum suggests they can be left floating.

    Can they be pulled to DVcc and DVcc be powered down…

  • RE: Solar panel charger that works without a battery or discharged battery

    Hi Emilija,

    I might actually recommend LTC4162-L. It has a dynamic tracking MPPT algorithm that will regulate your solar panel at the max power point at any illumination level. The charge current goes up to 3.2A max, so if that works for you then it may…

  • RE: LTC 4162 be simulated


    There is an LTspice model for LTC4020, so that can be simulated. LTC4162 does not have a model.



  • RE: multi LTC4162 to single battery

    is it solved???? I have the same question.

    if ltc4162's output voltage(battery charge voltage) is slightly different

    How does charging work?

    1. Only the LTC4162 with a slightly higher output voltage charges??(blocking diode)


    2. output of two…

  • RE: LTC4162 for charging LiFePO4 and backup with PowerPath and I2C Telemetry

    Hi Zack,

    I would appreciate if you could also send me the reference files. I will use LTC4162-L to charge 3S1P Li-Ion. I just started my schematics and will route to a 4-layer board soon. I'm still interested to purchase the eval boards too so if you could…

  • RE: Need suggestions for 2 cell rechargeable Li-ion application?

    Hi Richard,

    LTC4162 sounds like a good choice for the battery app except that it does not have a balancing function. However, the balancing could be handled externally using an additional IC or possibly discrete circuitry.

    As for your need for a coulomb…