• Calculation Of Input Capacitance And Output Capacitance Of LTC4162-S

    Hello, I would like to ask the calculation formula of the input capacitance and output capacitance of the LTC4162-S. My project uses the 32V input of ltc4162-s to charge the 24V lead-acid battery. I would like to ask the input of the LTC4162-S. Capacitance…
  • RE: Question for LTC4162 Linux Driver


    The LTC4162 does not need any driver, but if you would like software drivers you can refer to the Evaluation Software download on the LTC4162 product page. This is the SDK download which has an example project for Linux. Further instructions are…

  • RE: LTC4162 BAT Sense


    Yes, LTC4162 meets all of your requirements. This sounds like a good fit.



  • RE: multi LTC4162 to single battery

    is it solved???? I have the same question.

    if ltc4162's output voltage(battery charge voltage) is slightly different

    How does charging work?

    1. Only the LTC4162 with a slightly higher output voltage charges??(blocking diode)


    2. output of two…

  • RE: LTC4162 EVB and Design Files

    Any updates on when the LTC4162 evaluation board will be available? We are looking to incorporate the LTC4162-L, but it would be nice to get an eval board to do some testing before we implement it in our project.

  • RE: Need suggestions for 2 cell rechargeable Li-ion application?

    Hi Richard,

    LTC4162 sounds like a good choice for the battery app except that it does not have a balancing function. However, the balancing could be handled externally using an additional IC or possibly discrete circuitry.

    As for your need for a coulomb…

  • RE: LTC4162-L charging issue

    Hi Emilija,

    Catch the battery detection function on a scope. Upon power-up, monitor the voltage on the battery node. If you have a demo board, you can see an example of what it does: the LTC4162 will source/sink a small amount of current from the battery…

  • RE: LTC 4162 be simulated


    There is an LTspice model for LTC4020, so that can be simulated. LTC4162 does not have a model.



  • LTC4162-S Design Question


         I would like to ask about the voltage accuracy and current accuracy of the LTC4162-S, and what are the requirements for controlling the mcu of the LTC4162-S? My initial choice is STM8S0003F3U6TR, mainly due to the size and function and cost, and the recommended frequency of my specificat…

  • RE: LTC4162-L Powerpath

    Hi Erik,

    You can generally consider it an ideal diode-OR. It will select the higher of the two voltages. In most applications, that means it will select VIN when VIN is present and the battery when VIN is not present.

    If you always want the battery voltage…