• LTC4162-F

    Are there schematics to a demo board or reference design available for the LTC4162-F?



  • LTC4162-F Software Setup


    Because I Din the part, and MB has been testing.

    The post stage is LTC3789.

    We need control LTC4162-F by I2C to monitor or set the charger status.

    Do we release the software?

    Does it run with LTpowerplay or else?

    How can I download it?

    Does it need…

  • RE: LTC4162-F charging issue at high currents

    Hi GeoffreyJ,

    Hope you are doing well.

    It may be possible that a poor layout can be a factor on your problem especially when you are using only 2 layers. Is your design based on the demo board of the LTC4162-F? If not, I suggest first trying your application…

  • LTC4162-F Voltage Adjustment Issue


    I am using the LTC4162-FAD in a solar powered battery charger that I am working on but I have encountered an issue with changing the "vcharge_setting" on this supposedly adjustable chip.

    When the LTC4162 is first powered up my I2C master…

  • LTC4162-F wrong cell count reading

    Hi folks,

    The cell_count reading in the LTC4162GUI is off by two..... The LiFePo4 battery is a 2S type and the reading is "cell_count: 4".

    I've double checked my schematic, layout and library and can verify that it 'should' work. CELLS1 = IntVCC…

  • LTC4162-F does not activate ship mode


    Somehow I can't get the ship-mode activated. Vin = 12V and battery = 2S LiFePo4. 
    What I can see with a protocol analyzer looks goodand when I read from the chip I get correct answers.So I2C works correctly.
    I've monitored VCC2P5 but it stays high…

  • LTC4162-F MPPT input stability

    Hi I've been testing the LTC4162-F Using the DC2038A -N demo board. The 4162 is charging a LifeP04 battery. Vin is connected to a PV simulator. The Simulator is configured as follows;

    VMP = 19.8V

    IMP = 6.5A

    As you can see in the above plot the battery…

  • LTC4162-F I2C issue

    HI all,

    I have a new board design that I am vetting at the moment and can not get I2c to work. I am using an RPi as the master and have other slaves working on the bus without issue.

    The LTC4162 appears to be working fine in that it charges the battery…

  • RE: LTC4162-F production PCB review request

    This was resolved in private messages.

  • LTC4162-F custom PCB issue causing continuous battery detection and a failure to charge


    I have an issue where I have implemented a few protection measures in my latest PCB and it appears that I have somehow affected the battery charge circuitry. As it stands, I am unable to find the issue, which results in the battery never being charged…