• LTC4162-F

    Are there schematics to a demo board or reference design available for the LTC4162-F?



  • RE: LTC4162-F MPPT input stability

    You mentioned of the initial CC range:

    At this time the panel can provide much more power

    But from the plots, its looks like power is limited by the input source during that time. Can you check the charge_status bitfield during that phase? I…

  • LTC4162-F Software Setup


    Because I Din the part, and MB has been testing.

    The post stage is LTC3789.

    We need control LTC4162-F by I2C to monitor or set the charger status.

    Do we release the software?

    Does it run with LTpowerplay or else?

    How can I download it?

    Does it need…

  • LTC4162-F Voltage Adjustment Issue


    I am using the LTC4162-FAD in a solar powered battery charger that I am working on but I have encountered an issue with changing the "vcharge_setting" on this supposedly adjustable chip.

    When the LTC4162 is first powered up my I2C master…

  • LTC4162-F wrong cell count reading

    Hi folks,

    The cell_count reading in the LTC4162GUI is off by two..... The LiFePo4 battery is a 2S type and the reading is "cell_count: 4".

    I've double checked my schematic, layout and library and can verify that it 'should' work. CELLS1 = IntVCC…

  • LTC4162-F I2C issue

    HI all,

    I have a new board design that I am vetting at the moment and can not get I2c to work. I am using an RPi as the master and have other slaves working on the bus without issue.

    The LTC4162 appears to be working fine in that it charges the battery…

  • LTC4162-F , 无法充电,充电如何开启!

    LTC4162-F , 如何开启充电动作!

    LTC4162-F , 默认设置,电池8节,电压26.6V, 输入电压30V。


    问题:1.  充电无动作,无充电电流,如何设置,开启充电动作。读取寄存器0x34=256,0x35=0x36=0x37=0x38=0, 0x39=0X3E67,0x43=0x0X8428。

                2.  当无输入电压时,为何读取电池电压、电池电流数值也为0.   同时0x43=0x420;

  • RE: 8-cell LiFePO4 charger with LTC4162-F and LTC6803-4: Battery not detected

    After another resoldering of the LTC4162-F (new chip), the VBat measurement was correct again. The charger_state now changed between 0x100 and 0x800 (charger suspended and battery detection), spending a few seconds in each state. I could also see 0x40 sporadically…

  • LTC4162 GUI

    I'm using the DC2038A-N demo board and the LTC4162 GUI. 

    Can the LTC4162-F monitor negative current i.e. current taken from the battery to VOUT through the BATFET? The GUI only displays positive current i.e. current into the battery, when I draw current…

  • AD9361 Harmonic Suppression F(tx)-F(sampling)

    sampling frequency : 60MHz

    local frequency : 1500MHz

    DDS output : 20MHz

    TX channel output :1520MHz

    expect image frequency and local frequency harmonic,it has a harmonic that distance the signal 60MHz,how can reduce or eliminate this harmonic?