• LTC4162-F

    Are there schematics to a demo board or reference design available for the LTC4162-F?



  • LTC4162-F Software Setup


    Because I Din the part, and MB has been testing.

    The post stage is LTC3789.

    We need control LTC4162-F by I2C to monitor or set the charger status.

    Do we release the software?

    Does it run with LTpowerplay or else?

    How can I download it?

    Does it need…

  • RE: Battery Charge Controller for Solar Power

    Hi Pauline,

    Yes, LTC4162 is probably the best choice for your application if your desired charge current is 3.2A or less. Otherwise, you might consider LTC4015.

    The suffix to the LTC4162 part number denotes the battery chemistry type that it supports…

  • RE: LTC4162-L


    The folders refer to each LTC4162 variant.

    If you are using LTC4162-LAD, you would use the LTC4162-LAD folder. If you are using LTC4162-L41, you would use the LTC4162-L41 folder, etc.

    Note that LTC4162-L is not an orderable part number. Refer to…

  • LTC4162 for charging LiFePO4 and backup with PowerPath and I2C Telemetry

    We have a request for LiFePO4 Step-Down Battery Charger.

    For 4S1P application,

    Vin : 9V~36V


    18V->LTC4162-F->Charge LiFePO4 and backup with PowerPath and I2C Telemetry

    Do we have LTC4162-F EVB or Reference Circuits inclu…

  • RE: LTC4162-L battery detection issue

    Hi Alex,

    I took a look at your schematic. INFET is facing the wrong direction, so try flipping that and see if that helps. I'm not sure that it will. I also don't recommend using resistance in series with the INFET gate.

    When the battery is unplugged…

  • RE: Solar panel charger that works without a battery or discharged battery

    Yes, it will work with a LiPo battery. Refer to the -L datasheet for that. The LiFePO4 variants are detailed in the -F datasheet.

    As for protection, it depends what you mean. One thing that the LTC4162 does not do is low-battery disconnection from the…

  • LTC4162-L Battery Charger IC with MPPT

    Hello, I have a question.

    I'am designing battery charging circuit with LTC4162-L.

    The block diagram is below,

    There are three solar panels with blocking diode, 3 LTC4162-L circuit, battery management system and 2S4P li-poly battery pack.

    I just tied…