• LTC4155

    With aid of the datasheet of the charger, I build up the underneath circuit with minor as follow:

    • The 1uH is replaced with a short circuit.
    • The 22uF capacitor is eliminated because we do not have any load other than the batteries.
    • The batteries does…
  • LTC4155

    To whom it may concern,

    Having issues with the amount of charge current on the LTC4155.  Summary below:


    - Only using WALLSNS pulled up to Vbus without overvoltage protection

    - WALLGT, USBSNS, USBGT are all not connected

    - CLPROG1 has 1.21k…

  • LTC4155 not charging.


    We are using LTC4155 on our prototype PCB.
    We have two problems:
    1) LTC4155 is not charging battery (0mA) most of the time
    2) LTC4155 sometimes kicks in and charge battery at 75mA current, even if we set 1000mA charging current and no input lim…

  • LTC4155 vs BQ24195 benefits

    Dear colleagues,

    Our customer tries to compare the 2 possible battery charger solutions LTC4155 vs BQ24195. Can you highlight technical benefits of LTC4155 over BQ24195?

  • LTC4155 without NTC


    For a project I'm using a LTC4155 with wall power supply, USB and Battery.

    The problem is that my battery doesn't have a NTC so the LTC4155 says NTC too cold (Subaddress 0x03 D7-D5) and my battery is never charged...

    I tried to connect…

  • LTC4155 Charging Status Issue


    We are using LTC4155 and have tested the behavior of LTC4155 under charging condition. Charging status, constant current(0X40) and constant voltage (Vprog>Vc/x = 0X60) is OK but facing issue to get (Vprog<Vc/x = 0X80) and charger off condition…

  • library files for ltc4155

    am using arduino uno board so when am compiling the sample code for DC1674A  it showing like that "LTC4155_example_linux.c:49:19: fatal error: fcntl.h: No such file or directory
    #include <fcntl.h>"
     So I need some library  files given  below…

  • LTC4155 - Strange behaviour of ICHARGE[3.0]


    We've been evaluating the LTC4155 for the past week and so far it's a pretty impressive part to pair with USB Type C powered designs. However we've come to a strange issue:

    When changing the ICHARGE[3.0] register contents, the devices…

  • LTC4155 - Vout is not being regulated to 3.4V with a battery voltage of 3.25V

    At a lower battery voltage of 3.25V, Vout suddenly drops to about 2.9 volts. Once that happens, my system turns off, releasing the 2A load. The battery voltage rebounds, the system reboots, and Vout becomes stuck in an oscillating state. Any idea how…

  • LTC2942 ADC voltage conversion not correct (offset).

    Hello. We are using LTC2942 in our project.
    We found out that LTC2942 is producing results that are offset about 78mV (voltage reading through I2C is 78mV higher than it really is).
    We measure voltage using ProsKit MT-1710 meter. 

    We are using it with standard…