• LTC4151 ESD protect level request

    As tittle, it's not shown on datasheet. 


  • LTC4151 for 12V high current system

    I need to read voltage from a 12V battery and a series of 12V batteries that produce 48V. While we will not need to read the overall 48V, I'll need to read the individual 12V batteries in series. The batteries will be read by our device when the power…

  • LTC4151 - Current Measurement Discrepancy


    We are using LTC4151HMS#TRPBF and LTC4151IMS-1#PBF with a 0.02 ohm shunt and the reading we are getting on current does not match the load current.

    See below current discrepancy between measured and reported from I2C. The voltage values are accurate…

  • LTC4151 CDD#PBF Device not responding to Read request

    Hello all- I have an LTC4151 with both address pins grounded down.  As I understand it from the default settings of the device if I contoinuously request reads starting from register 0x00 I will get whatever the latest 3 ADC results happen to be, plus…

  • Question of LTC4151 (I2C Isolation)

    Customers want to use LTC4151HDD#PBF or LTC4151HMS#PBF (Max 125 degrees).

    However, it is labeled LTC4151-1 in Figure 9.
    Please check if the same can be used for LTC4151HDD#PBF or LTC4151HMS#PBF.

    Figure 9.Opto-Isolation of the I2C Interface Between LTC4151…

  • Read voltage from LTC4151 IC

    Good afternoon,

    I have some queries related to LTC4151.

    In my application, FPGA is the I2C master and LTC4151 is the slave. I have written a I2C master logic to read the voltage through LTC4151.

    1) I captured the waveform on the logic analyser and the…

  • LTC4151 problems with internal address pointer(when BYTE R/W)

    Hi everybody!

    Please help in my case

    Ive triying to establish valid data reading from LTC4151

    At first I decided to R/W in TEST MODE

    So I do the following!

    - 1 Set 7 bit address, 80 kHz bit rate
    - Store to control register 0x10 to set up TEST UP
    - Store…

  • LTC4151 UL recognised


    We are using LTC4151 in our design. I would like to know whether this component is UL recognised or not. If not recognised then please suggest the component which is UL recognised

    Thanks & Regards,


  • LTC4151 voltage register read

    I performed a read operation on voltage register (0x02 - data word). 

    1. The operating voltage is 28V

    Firstly, The register is reading (0x4480) = 27.4V

    2. Secondly, i tried reading the data from an external register , and it is giving out (0x904D) = 57…

  • Current and voltage computation formula for LTC4151

    In the datasheet of LTC4151, there is no trace of how current and voltage computation can be done. There is only temperature measure calculation but not current or voltage.

    Could you please provide the current and voltage computation formula for the same…