• LTC4150的适用性问题


  • Coulomb meter similar LTC4150


    I would like to know if you have other LTC4150 coulomb counter for batteries up to 12V, up to 15 V or up to 24V


    I need a coulomb counter to sense 3 or 4 Li-Ion in serie and I don’t know what it is the best option.


    Could you help me?

  • LTC4150 - How to handle 2x diff operating modes


    I am trying to design the LTC4150 into a NiMH battery powered product, but am confused as to whether it will work because I have 2 different operational modes.  I have my normal run mode that draws around 100mA and my low power mode where the LTC4150…

  • LTC4150 Coulomb Counter giving lower than expected readings.


    I'm using the LTC4150 on an embedded IOT design.  

    The design is running from a 7.2V Lithium Primary Cell  (2 x 3.6V) , and the battery is not chargable, only discharge.

    The LTC4150 has been connected between the 7.2V Supply and the device power…

  • 库仑计芯片ltc4150手册后面给出的典型应用的问题



  • LTC4150 Coulomb Counter: Device fails getting very hot when I use a 5 Ohm Current sense resistor ????

    LTC4150 Coulomb Counter: Device fails getting very hot when I use a 5 Ohm Current sense resistor ????

    When I use a 0.05 Ohm sense resistor the LTC4150 works just fine.

    Switch off & replace the 0.05 Ohm sense resistor with a  5 Ohm device (to give me…

  • RC Filter at input of Coulomb Counter

    Why is a RC filter recommended at the input of LTC4150 when it is not recommended for LTC2944 when they both have fairly similar structure?

  • RE: Help adding ADI amp to battery current sensing


    I'm really curious why you would like to amplify the inputs to LTC4150's sense pins. I think it would be simpler to just choose the proper Rsense value using equation 1 in page 8 of LTC4150's datasheet. Just input the maximum load or charge current…

  • RE: LTC4006-6 seems have large dropout voltage(3V).

    Hello Siglo

    Sorry about the delay! Many thanks for the attention on the question!

    I uploaded the schematic. The demo board offered the PCB format files. So my layout just adds some functions to offered PCB layout file.


  • ADI公司再生能源—能源储存解决方案

    ADI公司能源部门概述 ADI公司在高精度信号测量和控制方面处于业界领先地位,致力 于以极具成本竞争力的高质量IC实现可靠的计量、测量、监控 和控制。其产品广泛用于再生能源、输配电以及水、电、气计 量应用。ADI公司凭借在优化系统级信号处理性能方面的成熟经 验和种类丰富的产品,为开发人员提供精密、可靠、易于设计 的能源管理解决方案。