• RE: question about the resonant freq of LTC4125 with LTC4126

    Hi Kencheng, 

    It is normal to see higher resonant frequency when you have a Rx on top of the Tx coil. The LTC4125 auto-resonant will re-adjust driver to work with this higher resonant frequency. It is okay to use 0.039uF. 

    However, I am not sure why your…

  • LTspice Model of LTC4124/LTC4126


    I am wondering if LTspice model for LTC4124 and LTC4126 is available. If not, when do you think it will be available?


  • RE: LTC4124 reference design


    This device is not Qi compatible and can not be charged with a Qi transmitter (charger pad). We do not have any other products that are Q1 compatible at the moment. 

    The wireless transmitter (charger pad) design for LTC4124 is low-cost with low component…

  • LTC4125 resonant freq and foreign object detection scheme

    Hi ADI Expert

    I have few questions about LTC4125 and hope if you can provide me some suggestion


     I use a LTC4125 as the Tx to transmit power to a  LTC4126 for a 50mA battery charger, the air gap is around 3~4mm and should be fixed, Ith is set…

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