• RE: LTspice Model of LTC4124/LTC4126

    Please do SYNC RELEASE in LTspice. The LTC4124/LTC4126 models have been released. Thanks!

    Best Regards,


  • Whether LTC4126 support FPC antenna to replace coil?

    Hi  ADI guys,

        Considering the size, we would use FPC antenna  to replace coil , whether LTC4126 support such design?

        Could LTC4126 adapted to any transmitter?

       Thanks a lot!

  • RE: question about the resonant freq of LTC4125 with LTC4126

    Hi Ken, 

    It seems like when LTC4125 is not able to detect the LTC4120, the first criteria is not met. The delta VFB of step #5 is not greater than 2x delta VFB from the previous step (step#4). Please see this picture before from your excel sheet. 

    It seems…

  • LTC4126 是否支持FPC天线替代coil耦合功率么?是否能适配市面上带有Qi标准的无线充电发射器?

    Hi ADI guys,

       我们现在正在评估LTC4126作为无线充电接收芯片 ,用在我们的智能戒指项目上,由于受尺寸影响,目前正在考虑用FPC天线替代coil来耦合功率,这种方式是否支持?


      Thanks a lot!

  • RE: LTC4124 reference design


    This device is not Qi compatible and can not be charged with a Qi transmitter (charger pad). We do not have any other products that are Q1 compatible at the moment. 

    The wireless transmitter (charger pad) design for LTC4124 is low-cost with low component…

  • LTC4125 resonant freq and foreign object detection scheme

    Hi ADI Expert

    I have few questions about LTC4125 and hope if you can provide me some suggestion


     I use a LTC4125 as the Tx to transmit power to a  LTC4126 for a 50mA battery charger, the air gap is around 3~4mm and should be fixed, Ith is set…

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