• RE: LTC4125

    Hello Dom, 

    Please let me know which schematic you are using from the datasheet for the LTC4125. If you are using some other type of receiver, I suggest that you set LTC4125 to switch with fixed duty cycle. Here is an example schematic to disable the optimum…

  • LTC4125 early exit condition


    I have built a custom wireless powered device with the LTC4125 as the transmitter and LTC4120-4.2 as the receiver. The circuit schematics are from the DC2386A demonstration kit but because the design uses custom transmit and receive coils and the…

  • Pinouts of LTC4125

    I am wondering if PTH1(Pin11) and PHT2(Pin10) of LTC4125 are output or input pin. 

    Also is it possible to apply a certain level of voltage to those pins to adjust Vpp across Tx coil?



  • LTC4125 LTspice Model


    I see that LTspice has the SPICE model for the wireless received LTC4123 but there is no model for the transmitter LTC4125. Is there one available? This makes it difficult to model a wireless charging system using all Analog Devices components…

  • LTC4125 efficiency

    I have a wireless power system using the LTC4125 Tx and LTC4120 Rx. Both use the standard application from the data sheet. I'm attaching a copy of the output and input waveforms.

    Yellow is the TX output and purple is the Rx input. My questions are…

  • LTC4125 component

    Hello i am having a few troubles  choosing the rigth componentes for my LTC4125 emissor, specificaly in regards to there components power ratiing, becouse there are some componentes where i can´t calculate that power correccly and i am afraid a chosse…

  • LTC4125 & LT4120

    I have a project where I have to design a wireless charger circuit with th ltc 4125, I need to get a 5W (5V) signal. The lt4120 has a max charging current of 400mA, is there anyway i can design a circuit to have that 1A at the receiver? Should I…

  • LTC4125 strange behaviour

    I'm using the LTC4125 power transmitter for a wireless charger in conjuction with LTC4120 device.
    In attachment you can see the schematic of TX unit.
    I notice a strange behaviour.
    With no RX device coupled, When I apply the power source (5V), the LTC4125…

  • LTC4125 Interrupts in charge process

    Hello. I have some problem with wireless charger LTC4125. Every 4 second  interrupted auto generation. The same problem I have found in this topic " LTC4125 Strange behaviour" (https://ez.analog.com/power/f/q-a/91168/ltc4125-strange-behaviou…

  • WPC Qi Compliance of LTC4125

    We are currently investigating ICs to use in a wireless power transmitter design.

    The LTC4125 looks like a good fit, but I do not see any mention of WPC/Qi compliance.

    Is this IC WPC/Qi compliant?
    Can it be used in designs that will need to meet this specification…