• LTC4125 Closed loop operation


    I've read the very interesting technical article "Close the Loop Between Wireless Charger Receiver and Transmitter Without Digital Controllers" ( https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/tech-articles/close-the-loop-between…

  • Heat issue on LTC4125 and LTC4120


    I have to follow the reference schematic on the datasheet, the wireless charging is working but still has temperature issues, the temperature can reach>70C (for the prototype we use 10k to replace NTC) for Tx use 760308100110, and for Rx use 760308101303…

  • LTC4125 - Increase transmit distance

    Hi, is it possible to provide power (around 1 watt) using LTC4125 to a LTC4120 over an air gap of around ~100mm using bigger coils (100mm diameter)? Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  • LTC4124 100mA Charger Receiver with LTC4125 AutoResonant Transmitter

    Hello everyone,

    I'am using the circuit given in the datesheet of LTC4124 (Page 21 - LTC4124 REV A).

    I would like to ask if there's a relation of dimension (diameter) between the receiving and transmitting coil.

    The datasheet indicates the 3…

  • LTC4125

    Hi ADI Team,

    i have to finish a development of a colleague of my team. So i was reading the data sheets of LTC4125 and LTC4120 and furtheron working with the existing prototypes.

    Let me ask one question before i probably write another mail.

    In the data…

  • RE: LTC4125 STAT Pin

    I have a problem with the STAT pin too, I have to change the Lx from 760308100110 (from Devkit) to 760308101104 (6.2uH 2.5A) and changed the Cx too (around 400nF) but either have a load (Rx PCB) or not the Stat pin always low (LED Stat ON), can you give…

  • LTC4125 - no power condition - zero or close to zero

    Hi Wenwei,

    Please explain this situation:

    1. On LTC4125 data sheet:

    It means that no power is delivered in T3 after fault condition.

    2. But in that time I can see some power delivered to LTx without any objects above the transmitting coil.

    After puting…

  • LTC4125: How to suppress the rise of FB terminal voltage after Optimum Power Search

    I want to minimize the rise of the FB terminal that occurs after Optimum Power Search. What is the method?

    The attached figure is a figure of the manual of DC2330A Demo Board.

    The part surrounded by the red frame is the rise in FB voltage.

  • LTC4125 - Burst of Power

    Hi everyone,

    I have somes problems with the LTC4125. I'm using this component as a TX to do a power transmitter to charge a single cell LIFEPO4 with the help of the LT3652HV as a RX.

    I found this schematic on the page 26 of the LTC4125 datasheet.

  • LTC4125 & LTC4120: Coupling problem with demo board DC2386A-B

    Hi everyone,

    before implementing my own design i'm using the Demo Board mentioned above.
    On the receiver side a single Li-Ion cell (3,7V; 1100mAh) is connected to BAT and BAT-GND.

    Puting power to the Tx board the sweep search begins looking for a load…