• Ltc4124 Ship mode

    I need to get the LTC4124 into ship mode using a DI/O pin from a MCU.  The circuit will be embedded and can not have external  a button.

    Is there a reference design that shows how this would be implemented?

    Or do you have a preferred design that you could…

  • Questions about LTC4124

    Hello! I am going to use LTC4124 for my device. I have questions about it.

    1 Does the module "WIRELESS POWER MANAGER" limit the VCC voltage by level 5.5V if AC pin will have a voltage more? On the functional block diagram there isn't any regulator.…

  • LTC4124 charging LED pulled high

    I have a two-part question. I'm working with the Analog Devices [LTC4124 chip](www.analog.com/.../LTC4124.pdf) for wireless Li-Ion charging. I'm using the dev kit (2773A-B) for charging the receiver. The datasheet states that there are 4 LED charging…

  • LTC4124 without battery

    I'm considering LTC4124 for charging 3.6 V Li-Po battery OR 3.0 Lithium battery directly from VCC (constant voltage, low current).

    Is it possible to use this device without battery connected to BAT terminal? If yes, is it better to left it floating…

  • LTC4124 reference design


    I came across this nifty new device from Analog while looking for wireless charging ICs. Is there an eval kit available for this chip? The datasheet doesn't mention Qi compliance for this charger. Is the chip compliant with Qi standard?

    Most other…

  • LTspice Model of LTC4124/LTC4126


    I am wondering if LTspice model for LTC4124 and LTC4126 is available. If not, when do you think it will be available?


  • LTC4124 charge complete behavior


    LTC4124 datasheet page 10 says “After the 3-hour charge termination time expires, charging stops completely”, but does not clarify what it means:

    Does it mean the ACIN input (resonant tank) is being grounded?

    Does it mean the CHRG led…

  • LTC4124 VCC(Pin 1) output


    I would like to use the LTC4124 for a prototype device where the battery(LIR1620) is fix installed. I was wondering if the VCC output power from the battery if no voltage is supplied on ACIN(Pin11) and DCIN(Pin 12). If not how would you recommend…

  • LTC4124 EVB Charging Problem (DC2770A-B KIT)

    I have purchased and tested an EVM board (DC2770A-B Kit) for LTC4124 100 mA, but the charging current is only 30 to 40 mA.
    If you have released the assessment board, you may have previously charged to 100 mA.

    Question 1) The configuration of the assessment…

  • Uising LCT4125 with LTC4124 configured at 10mA


    I am involved in designing a wearable device that is to be charged wireless, the system includes a docking wireless transmitter.

    I have chosen LTC4125 Power Transmitter to work with LTC4124 Power Receiver configured at 10mA.

    I know you have Eval…