• LTC4120 Low Bat recognition with 2 cells

    Hi team,

    i have a question about low bat recognition on LTC4120 with two cells.

    In the application a dual cell battery pack (Soshine 9V650) with two 3.7V cells is used. The data sheet of LTC4120 says a low battery condition is recognized between 2.15V…

  • RE: Heat issue on LTC4125 and LTC4120

    Hi Wenwei,

    the air gap is around 10mm

    we have a demo board and have already checked PTH, FB, Prog, and In

    Yellow: PTH ; Lt Blue: FB ; Purple:Prog(LTC4120) ; Blue: IN (LTC4120)

    and the current input is 1.34A 

    we have compared the demo board to our design…

  • LTC4120 NTC charging temperature range

    We are using 1cell lithium from Jauch LP802036JU for medical application.   It is an IEC62133-2017 compliant battery.

    Jauch restricts charging to temperatures in the range of 10C to 50C. They are saying that latest trend is moving lower temperature of charging…

  • LTC4125 & LTC4120: Coupling problem with demo board DC2386A-B

    Hi everyone,

    before implementing my own design i'm using the Demo Board mentioned above.
    On the receiver side a single Li-Ion cell (3,7V; 1100mAh) is connected to BAT and BAT-GND.

    Puting power to the Tx board the sweep search begins looking for a load…

  • LTC4120 Thermal Fault status handling

    I have a question regarding the handling of the LTC4120's THERMAL FAULT status. 

    We are wirelessly charging a battery using the LTC4125 in an open loop mode.  We cannot close the loop using feedback because our distance can be too great (up to 25mm…

  • LTC4120 Wireless Power Receiver Constant Voltage mode


    I'm developing a wireless powered system WITHOUT battery. Therefore, I need a constant voltage (and not constant current) node at the LTC4120 wireless power receiver output. I'm using the evaluation board, which features the LTC4125 as transmitter…

  • LTC4125 - LTC4120-4.2 reliability issues

    We developed a portable device with a LTC4120-4.2 / LTC4125 charging solution to a Renata ICP543759PMT 1 Cell LiPo www.renata.com/.../ The schematic is derived from the evaluation boards/typical application and we use Würth 760308100110 TX and 760308101303…

  • about PCB Layout of Rx Coil for LTC4120

    Dear sir,

        I have read the PCB layout of the Rx coil in the datasheet on page 22, it is a 4-layer PCB layout. Due to some mechanical limitations, my PCB is very thin and I can only use a 2-layer board. Can I use a 2-layer PCB for Rx coils? If yes, can…

  • LTC4120 BATSENS pin


    I made this schematic for LTC4120. I connected BAT and BATSENSE pins togheter as you can see, anyway I'm thinking that BATSENS pin should be connected directly to battery positive terminal, so with this design, to pin 3 of the PMOS, right? Or does it…

  • LTC4120. Problem when charge current more than 340mA.


    I use LTC4120 as wireless power reciever. The transmitter is Basic Transmitter like DC1968A, but it doesn't matter since the problem remains when I connect pin "IN" LT4120 to the power supply 12V.

    I used design from DEMO MANUAL DC1969A…