• LTC4089-3 Current limit for "IN" input.

    My question is similar to "LTC4089-5 cost reduction",  I will not be using the HVIN, but my "USB" input is not limited to the typical 500 mA from USB ports.

    Can you please confirm it possible to increase the charge current to 750 m…

  • RE: LTC4089-5 cost reduction


    We are doing some cost reduction studies for our product. face On the power management circuitry we don't need the LTC4089-5 chip's high voltage input. All power is taken from USB Vbus voltage. 

    So, if the high voltage input is not…

  • LTC4089(-5) typical application

    In typical application, 1k resistor is connected between HVPR(pin 7) and OUT(pin 13).If high voltage is

    present, the HVPR goes low( near to GND) and opens external p-fet to drive high voltage (vbat+0.3V/5V)

    to OUT. At same time, ca 3...5 mA  are going…

  • RE: LTC4089 vs, LTC4090

    Legacy (i.e., pre-ADI) Linear parts will continue to be subject to a "no obsolescence" policy.  You can choose either LTC4089 or LTC4090 based on which part best fits your application.

  • Class 3

    A customer is submitting an order for a redesign of the ADI laser board. It looks like the documentation (The BRD file) calls for class 3 inspection, which apparently has significant financial overhead:


    If the plan is to use the board as a research device…

  • LTC6957-3

    Hi Team,

    We have using LTC6957-3 for Clipped sine to CMOS conversion, we using single output only, what we will do unused output PIN? 

    Thanks, Regard

    Anoop Varma m

  • RE: 3-Phase 4-wire in to 3-Phase 3 Wire

    Good Afternoon

    The ADE7878 can be configured to accept multiple different configurations including 3 phase 4 wire and 3 phase 3 wire wye and delta.  Our FAQ:  AN-639 that is available on our website has detailed diagrams of each connection on pages 12…

  • LTM2987 VOUT_EN[0..3]

    Good morning,
    I write for information on the pins VOUT_EN [0..3] of the LTM2987 power sequencer.

    Can the output of these 4 pins be changed via the LTPowerPlay tool? I need these 4 enable to generate 3.3V. The datasheet shows that…
  • ADE7880 - 3 phase 3 wire delta configuration


    As per the ADE7880 datasheet pg. 43, in three phase three wire delta configuration, Phase B active, reactive and apparent powers are 0.

    So, I would like to know if there is a way to find out the Phase B power data in three wire delta configuration…