• LTC4079 Limiting Current


    I am designing a 3s li-ion solar battery charger using the LTC 4079. The input voltage ranges from 3V to 19V. The typical charging voltage is 15-16V. The chip is programed to charge the batteries to 12.3V at 250mA. I currently am using a DFN adapter…

  • LTC4079 About the condition of charging end (stop) and the /CHRG pin behavior at that time

    I have two questions about LTC4079.
    Please give me an answer.

    During the experiment, the LTC4079 had finished charging.
    The cause is that energy harvesting is used for the input, so it is possible that there is a power shortage, but we are verifying the…

  • LTC4079 for NiMH


    I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

    Our customer evaluates LTC4079 with 10cells of NiMH(1100mAh).

    Does Analog Devices have the experience to apply LTC4079 to NiMH Battery?

    Cloud you know the maximum Ichg and minimum Ichg to 10cells of NiMH(1100mAh)?

  • LTC4079 enabled to charge super cap while load imposed to it.


    I'm using LTC4079 to charge a hybrid capacitor which supply wireless transmission circuits, by AC mains or renewable DC.

    My question is whether LTC4079 can be enabled all the time when our product is switched on, even when the hybrid capacitor…

  • LTC4079 Ctimer


    In datasheet, CHRG status pin will change once the c/10 pass below its threshold regardless ctimer. However, we find our CHRG pin is abnormal in practical and simulation.

    According to datasheet and flowchard, CHRG status pin will DEASSERT once…

  • Battery Temperature Qualified Charging of LTC4079 with extended temperature range from -35C to 80C.

    Hi Zack,

    Is it possible for LTC4079 to have more wider temperature range from -35C to 80C? For most NTC thermistors from Vishay or TDK, about 0C ~ 40C range following below threshold.

    In my application, I'd like to extend temperature range to -35C…

  • LTC4079 I_Leak and I_FB help


    I'm designing the LTC4079 into a product and am confused regarding the voltage divider equation in the "Feedback Divider Selection" section.  At the end of the Vchg equation there is the term (I_FB + I_LEAK).  The paragraph under the…

  • LTC4079 random termination

    Hey everyone,

    I'm using an LTC4079 to charge a set of 4 series connected 18650's. The charge voltage is set to 200 mA and the input voltage is 30V. I don't see any heating on the device nor have I had any issues charging these batteries in the past.…

  • LTC4079 input resistor

    Hey everyone,

    I have a power source providing a primary load with a lot of power, so like 300W(solar panel), the panel operates at 40V, from this source I'd like to pull a bit of power to charge a set of batteries.

    The battery pack's charged voltage…

  • Setting battery temperature qualified charging LTC4079.

    Can somebody help me?
    I make charger for Li-ion battery and I use LTC4079 for it.
    According datasheet (page 11), "The hot and cold trip points can be adjusted". Are any formulas or recomendations for setting High Temp fault and Low Temp fault by Rbias…