• RE: 64QAM on AD9364 at 4.4-5.0GHz

    Thank you for the response. I am attaching EVM testing results. At 4,4GHz and 10MHz bandwidth of 64QAM with AD9364 attenuation as 5dB, we observed peak rms EVM as 3.42% and mean rms is 1.39%. 

  • sigma studo 4.4 project file corrupt

    my sigma studip project file was corrupt, could you help me recover it 


  • Problems With ADF4350 in 2.2-4.4 GHz band


    I sometime have problems of lock with ADF4350, but only in the 2.2 to 4.4 GHz band. All other band are working fine.

    My design is a wideband synthesizer module using following configuration : 20 MHz ref, PFD = 4 MHz, Fractional N mode, MOD =…

  • Can the HMC406 be matched to work from 4.4-5.1 GHz?

    The HMC406 is intended to be used from 5-6 Ghz. The S11 seems to be optimized for 4.4-5.1 GHz based on the S-parameters provided. Can the S22 be matched to 4.4-5.1 GHz?

  • LTC4065L Charging Voltage



    We have two questions about LTC4065:

    1. In datasheet; preset voltage is 4.1V for LTC4065L-4.1; but in operation State Diagram; it says <4.0V decision. When will the chrager stop charging? @ 4.0V or 4.1V?

    2. Can it support multiple Cell in parallel…

  • pll lock time


    Our project requires 4.4 to 5 GHz band.we are evaluating the LO lock time (i.e calibration time + settling time of PLL) in the evaluation board FMcomms3 with ZC706.our requirement is frequency hopping within the above band.

              what is the lock time…

  • AD9361 output power for OFDM

    I have a very specific question about AD9361 output power


    Basically, we are attempting to estimate the approximate output power that we can expect from the AD9361 transmitter for a DVB-T modulated signal within the 4.4-5.0GHz frequency range. (AD9361…

  • ADRV9375-W/PCBZ_ADRV9375-N/PCBZ_balun_C_L


    Where I can buy the fastest ADRV9375-W/PCBZ ?
    We want to work in the 4.4-5GHz band.
    What element values should I solder in ADRV9375-N/PCBZ so that it works correctly in the band 4.4-5GHz?thank you

  • AD9928 - H-Driver and RG

    I use a sensor KAI-16070. I need the voltage levels of -2 V to +3 V for RG and -4.4 V to 0 V to H. Can I apply for it at -2 V RGVDD RGVSS 3 B HVSS -4.4 V HVDD 0 ?

  • RE: LO Leakage at higher frequencies

    Below are the screen shots of LO leakage at 4.4 and 5Ghz  using our qam modulated data using spectrum analyzer.


                                                                              Fig .1


    Above Fig .1 is indicating  LO leakage at 4.4 GHz  carrier frequency. Lo leakage  is 39dbc at 800Khz.

                                                                       Fig .2   

    Above Fig…