• LTC4060 slow charge


    I want to build NiMH/NiCd battery charger for 3 cells series connected. I found LTC4060 but it allows fast charging only. My battery pack of NiCd batteries is 3.6V/800mAh. I want to charge it with 80 mA current, but I have read that –∆V termination…

  • LTC4060 - 2 Layer

    Is it possible to design an LTC4060 2 layer board for a charge application with power path?  This will be providing power to a couple other microcontrollers where the ground plane on the bottom might be broken up by some signal paths from the micro's.…

  • Issue with LTC4060


    I have trying to use LTC4060 as a charger IC in my design. I have made the design based on the datasheet's application diagram, using it to charge 4-cell Ni-MH battery pack. Found some issues listed below 

    1]Pass transistor (MJD210) used is getting…

  • Charging high capacity using LTC4060


    we would like to use the LTC4060 to charge a 3 cells NiMH battery pack. The capacity of the pack is 12000mAh. My question is if the LT4060 can be used to charge this pack with 2A. I thought about maybe reseting the timer every 3 hours by toggling…

  • Backup Power LTC4060, LTC3124, & LTC4415



    I need your help and not sure if this possible, I came up with a schematic for backup power for our new product  that uses LTC4060 (battery charger), LTC3124 (boost), and LTC4415 (Oring). Would it be possible to share this with your team to get…

  • RE: LTC4060 output state during power off

    Hi Martial,

    The /CHRG and /ACP pins are high-Z when the LTC4060 is not powered. Applying voltage to them (like through the pull-ups as you mentioned) will not power the part.


  • LTC4060 2-cell NiMH USB charger issue

    Dear LTC,

    I have implemented the battery charger described hereunder:

    The transistor is a MJD210.

    However charge never begins...

    I have measured the following parameters:

    Vusb = 5.1V

    Vntc = 3.4V

    Vbat = 2.2V

    The ACP led is lit, but not the charging LED…

  • LTC4060 charging 2 NiMH from usb

    Hi trying to design a handheld device powered by 2 NiMH cells in series. And USB is required to charge the 2 NiMH cells when connected.

    Is the LTC4060 the best option?

    And I’m most likely will not put a thermistor in the design, does the LTC4060 work…

  • RE: LTC4060 does not recharge the 4 cells battery @ 2V

    We measured current at output of the battery (we placed a current meter between the battery and the charger LTC4060). The LTC3124 has two 22uF caps placed at output (not shown in the previous schematic), 

  • RE: Charger circuit for 3 NiMh cells. Vin = 5V

    Hi Lars-Erik,

    LTC4011 will unfortunately not work for 3 cells at 5V:  DCIN(MIN) = (n • 2V) + 0.3V     [where n is the number of series cells]

    LTC4060 may be a good fit here.