• RE: LT3650-4.2

    Since you have an MCU and you want a dedicated system output, you might consider LTC4162 which will give much more flexibility and has a VOUT node.

  • RE: LT3650-4.2

    Hi Nihi,

    The reduction of current as you approach the target voltage is normal, but there should be a portion of actual constant current during the CC phase that is not proportional to the input voltage.

    My guess is that the part needs a little more input…

  • LTC4120EUD-4.2

    I designed a wireless charger circuit in a custom pcb for a client using the reference design shown in Figure 16 of the LTC4120/LTC4120-4.2 data sheet.

    I hope you can see this, if not I can send a higher resolution schematic and layout.

    I used the charging…

  • LT3650-4.2

    What happens to the CHRG and FAULT outputs when Vin is removed? Are they high impedance, or is there a protection diode or other path to GND?

  • LTC4121-4.2 model


    Is not there a simulation model for the LT4121-4.2?



  • LTC4120-4.2 Problems

    I am trying to get a charging circuit running and I'm not sure how to test it properly.  Here is the schematic:


    The Rprog is set to 24.3k for a 50 mA charge.  If I put an 82 ohm resistor where the battery should be, I would expect 4.2 V across this…

  • [Bug Report] Sigmastudio 4.2

    I found on sigmastudio 4.2 but it could be common to some previous version that in the "Limiter with indicator" block the signals Limiter Ratio and Limiter Active flag are exchanged.

    Found on Win7, Sigmastudio 4.2 x86_64 & ADAU1701



    I am using the SigmaStudio 4.2 with an ADAU1452. Compile the project and export to C files

    In the list of records in Safe Mode, the record MOD_SAFELOADMODULE_NUM_SAFELOAD_ADDR has disappeared.

    My question is:
    Has the mode in which Safe Mode is changed…

  • Pulsed Input Supply Voltage for LTC4054-4.2

    Hello !

    In our application energy harvesting provides pulsed input supply voltage 4.9V (peak) on VCC pin LTC4054-4.2.

    LTC4054-4.2 in our application provide 27mA charge current to li-ion battery.

    We are satisfied with the charge current to li-ion battery…

  • ADAU1467 downsampling compile error in SigmaStudio 4.2

    Hi Team

    here is a screen copy of an error while compiling a very simple project with downsampling/upsampling

    could you please advise on a way to achieve this within SigmaStudio 4.2 or is it a bug and when is it planned to be corrected ?

    many thanks