• LTC4041 CAPGD behaviour not as expected

    I am using the DC2642A-A evaluation board for the LTC4041 supercapacitor controller to prototype a fairly standard 5V power backup application.

    I have found that the behaviour of the CAPGD output is not consistent with what one would expect based on reading…

  • LTC4041 Layout Guidelines

    Are there any updated layout guidelines for the LTC4041 in addition to the notes in the datasheet?

  • LTC4041 scap failure behavior

    We are trying to emulate a supercap failure and running into some issues with our LTC4041 based design.

    Assuming that the failure mode of the supercap is degradation to a virtual open circuit, we removed the supercap from our board to test its behavior…

  • RE: LTC4041 Short circuit protection

    Hi Siglo,

    During a normal mode(not a backup mode), do you have a workaround to avoid this problem?


  • LTC4041 Recommended Graceful Shutdown

    What is the recommended way to shutoff the LTC4041 during graceful shutdowns?

    We have connected a microcontroller that is powered from the Vsys output and the it drives the BSTEN and CHGEN signals high when a graceful shutdown has been requested.


  • LTC4041 use backup power supply charging timing

    Hi Sir,

    We use LTC4041 as our core design to charge to supercap(Vcap=1F), The LTC4041 pin 1 and pin 24 are our system power, when we provide the 5V  to  LTC4041 power input, as our design, we want to things:

    1.The supercap will be charged

    2,The LTC4041…

  • LTC4041 EVB with 4.2V super cap

    hi ADI support team 

    we have a test with EVB DC2642A-B

    - replace SCAP3 by MAL219690111E3 with Voltage range from 3.1 to 4.2V

    - we change a dividing resistor in EVB 

    R9: 860K

    R10: 205K

    but we can not charge the CAP

    Vscap is around 3.4-3.6v only. 

  • SuperCaps charging at slow rate LTC4041 (DC2642A-A Evaluation board)

    We have procured the evaluation board (DC2642A-A) from Mouser, India. Here is the link for the same - https://www.mouser.in/ProductDetail/Analog-Devices/DC2642A-A?qs=w%2Fv1CP2dgqrLcuMimBqFtA%3D%3D#mz-expanded-view-1308806147757

    The ordered quantity…

  • LTC4041 SCAP charge doesn't start

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new on this forum and I need help on my design witch a Ups module for raspberry based on LTC4041 and a stack of 2 50F SCAPs.

    When I power on the system, the charge pump works fine at 8V, so the two pass transistors are open and the…

  • LTC4041


    This is my second post related to LTC4041.
    In 1st post, I had ripples in output voltage around 1ampere so I decided to redesign the PCB with 4 layers.
    Now, The output ripple is reduced and acceptable for Respberry Pi power for one minute.
    The only…