• RE: LTC4041 IGATE current

    Thanks for your explanation!

    So we are currently troubleshooting a design where the system voltage output seems to dip for a very brief moment causing the circuits downstream to reset. We've narrowed down the issue to around this FET driven by the LTC4041…

  • RE: [LTC4041] how to disable burst mode

    It sounds like you hit a point where the supercap voltage is just too low to provide enough "boost" to properly power your processor. I think at this point, you might typically call the system "dead". The typical way to delay this operation mode would…

  • LTC4041 with variable current limit?


    I am currently designing with the LTC4041. Depending on the system condition, we will have a different input current budget (between 0.9A and 2.5A) and I want to adapt the LTC4041 automatic charge/discharge operation to this budget.

    Are there…

  • LTC4041


    This is my second post related to LTC4041.
    In 1st post, I had ripples in output voltage around 1ampere so I decided to redesign the PCB with 4 layers.
    Now, The output ripple is reduced and acceptable for Respberry Pi power for one minute.
    The only…

  • LTC4041 stuck

    Hello everyone. I am new to the community and need help on LTC4041.

    I am using it as a backup to Raspberry Pi with 2.7V 200F supercap and experiencing a frequent malfunction. Even though PFI is registering ~1.3V, PFO is held low. Hence, no system output…

  • LTC4041 - SYSGD Comparator

    Hi Everyone,

    Looking at the block diagram of the LTC4041 the SYSGD Comparator seems to be a stand alone sub-circuit.

    My question is if it can be repurposed as programmable threshold of the voltage of the super capacitor connecting an external resistor divider…

  • RE: LTC4041 - very low voltage on super cap

    Hi guys 

    I have the same issue, the only difference in my design is I'm using 2 super cap in parallel, each has 5F 5.5V rating

    The voltage on super cap is only 2.63V and obviously it is not charge properly, 

    The load on VSYS is about 0.5A, when the…

  • LTC4041 Q/A

    Hi. all

    I am using the LTC4041 IC to create a product with a 5V input voltage and a current consumption of about 1A.

    I want to design backup power within 1 ~ 3 seconds, but I want to know if this is possible.

    I wonder if Supercapacitor can be used with…

  • LTC4041 model for LT spice

    I want to simulate LTC4041 but its model is not available in LT-Spice.
    Can you help with regarding the LTC4041 Spice model?
    The model which is given on the product page does not open and give error "Unknown symatic index"

  • LTC4041 - Charge pump voltage oscillating


    I have a problem with the LTC4041 not starting properly. The charge pump doesn't generate a steady 8V at Igate but rather an oscillating waveform of short 5V peaks. 

    I thought this might be caused by the input voltage falling below the PFI threshold…