• RE: LT-Spice

    There is LTspice model for LTC4020 that can be downloaded from site.


  • LTC4020

    I'm designing a device which will be employed in cars and trucks, so it must withstand 12V o 30V as an input (battery of the vehicle). Additionally, 4s Li-ion (16.2V) will be placed in our devices as a back-up battery since if he vehicle is turn off,…

  • LTC4020


    I would like to ask if the components in D5, D6, D7, and M1 in DC2044A can be omitted. I just want to use LTC4020 for lead-acid charging. In the back I will add a battery and switching power supply to switch LTC4418 to switch. .

  • RE: LTC4020 hot swap

    No.  I have blown up several LTC4020's by connecting the battery backwards.

  • Order information LTC4020

    Dear board,

    I cannot find the order information for the LTC4020 there are two types:

    LTC4020 EUHF and LTC4020 IUHF in the manual  I can find this URL ((http://www.linear.com/product/LTC4020#orderinfo) but there is no explanation about the order code.…

  • RE: LTC4020 -- The system can not recover when disconnect and reconnect battery .

    Your settings and modification look good: lead-acid, and change of R10 value to set absorption voltage to 28.8V.

    I performed 2 measurements of the unmodified DC2134A as follows.

    For the first test (VR10 = 2.1231V), the voltage at VFB is below 2.3125V…

  • ITH pin and CSOUT pin and LTC4020

    Hello, I am doing a charging project with LTC4020. I would like to ask how the feedback loop of ITH and CSOUT feet of LTC4020 is calculated. I see very few descriptions in the specifications. There are also different results in LT spices simulation because…

  • RE: LTC 4162 be simulated


    There is an LTspice model for LTC4020, so that can be simulated. LTC4162 does not have a model.



  • LTC4020 -- I want to use LTC4020 as a cradle charger controller.

    I am designing electrical circuit for charger.

    I use LTC4020 as charger controller.

    I envision a way for the user to remove the battery pack from the charger and reconnect it.

    Battery pack has thermistor.

    LTC4020's NTC terminal is open when battery pack…